‘Friday’ World’s First Life Search Mobile Application Goes Live in Google Play

‘Friday’ World’s First Life Search Mobile Application Goes Live in Google PlayDexetra today announced its launch of its mobile app friday in Google Play, ‘Friday’ was in private beta for the last few months.

The mobile app Friday integrates itself with the Android OS on a very deep and intricate level to derive the content created by the user. Dexetra has also deployed its proprietary algorithms to understand and store the content in such a way that it becomes easier for the Application to fetch the information as and when it is required.

Apart from this, Dexetra will be soon unveiling something called ‘applets’, which are essentially independent apps, that can separately installed onto the phone but those apps use the information created by friday to make the phone smarter.

It will have separate app that notifies user when the phone is running low on battery and there is a charger in proximity a alternate dialer app, which, rather than showing the recent calls log, shows the list of users you are most probably going to call based on your context.

Dexetra will also open up the friday API to other developers in coming days so that they can build such interesting and context aware apps, that helps the phone become smarter.

Check out the concept video explaining what friday is all about

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