Exclusive: Result of Competition? Airtel Slashes 3G Internet Rates by 45%

Update: Airtel has currently removed the New 3G plans from its official portal what we have reported and they have updated us saying the reason for removal is technical glitch and currently only old 3G plans are active on system.

In what may be termed as a result of competition in 3G segment and also a measure to capture users before the 4G launch by Reliance Jio, Airtel has drastically reduced 3G data usage charges. Rates for minimal data usage remains same but for 1 GB and beyond the rates are reduced. Maximum reduction has been made for usage of 2.5 GB at 45%.

Airtel’s new 3G Rates


Tariff Change in Percentage


With this move by Airtel, it is only Vodafone who is offering 3G at premium prices (at Rs. 251/ 1 GB). Majority of other players are offering 1 GB 3G data in the range of Rs. 120 to Rs. 150. This is certainly a good move by Airtel, and they can hope to see a surge in 3G data pack activations.

Note: It appears to us that Airtel is still updating (or they are web exclusive as of now), the circle specific recharge pages with this information. However, these plans are readily available in Airtel Prepaid Mobile Recharge Portal.

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B Sarmah
December 22, 2014 8:55 pm 8:55 PM
I am using Airtel 3G in Assam Circle. In general in Assam 1GB data cost is Rs. 249. But i was recive a message from Airtel that if i recharge with 249 I WILL GET 2GB DATA INSTEAD OF 1GB (free 1GB will add after 1 hour). then i did recharge but i get only 1.5GB ( after recharge i got 1GB + after 1 hour i got about 500 MB). I launched a complain by dialling 198. they told me that Yes, you got only 500 MB instead of 1 GB.. Airtel assure me that after 48 hours extra… Read more »
November 30, 2014 6:17 pm 6:17 PM

good move

May 10, 2014 2:42 pm 2:42 PM

Before I got 2GB for 255. But now I get only 1GB. Very disappointed! !!!!!

April 22, 2014 7:53 pm 7:53 PM

Good move….. But expecting Reliance Jio SOON.

April 3, 2014 1:32 pm 1:32 PM

I get only 150 to 170 kbps download speed with Airtel 3G in East Delhi. I am using Nokia 5230 3G mobile as modem on my Dell laptop. I get only 4 to 5 network lines on my mobile. All 7 lines means high speed internet ?

prasad mayya
April 3, 2014 5:11 pm 5:11 PM

i get only 1 bar most of the time… but downloading speed is around 3.5mbps…. when i checked at my friend home (same tower ) speed is 7mbps…….

April 3, 2014 10:38 pm 10:38 PM

Which mobile are you using and where ?

prasad mayya
April 4, 2014 8:57 am 8:57 AM
nokia 5230 …. i too didnt get speed on mobile… but when i used in data card, i get above said speed…. but i am really disappointed 1. tower is just 1km from my home… but i dont get proper signal inside …. i have to goto first floor and have to stand near window ….. 2. i recharged 25MB 9Rs pack … i just opened youtube website and viewed one video for 30 sec …. 25mb completed …. so 3g is not for common man …… 3. also airtel is too costly … min pack is around 155Rs for… Read more »
April 1, 2014 9:27 pm 9:27 PM
Karan: Hi. I am @A’bad, MH. What you said is true . My sister works @Mumbai, but for her Mumbai No: more charges @A’bad. She use Vodafone. N are ha: Tata tele services MH,: include MH, Goa, n Mumbai: together. 2 years I had used TATA indicom: superb network All over MH. Now I use Tata GSM. Though Mumbai is our Maharashtra State capital: This DOT made it separate circle. 8cr users in MH n 2cr users in Mumbai. For 3G: at present You either go with BSNL or Vodafone in MH n Mumbai both.In mumbai: with mtnl n/w you… Read more »
April 2, 2014 11:42 pm 11:42 PM
I think there is certanily wrong with maharashta mp who ever party it may be bjp,cong,mns,shivsena etc.. but no one cared about this issue but look at tamilnadu mps they work for the benefit of there people as in case of telecom they didnt wanted to have roaming charges between cheenai and tamilnadu so they merged both circle now license come as one cirlce for tamilnadu.So from this move people like 1) there is no funda such as roaming for chennai and tamilnadu as it is not one circle from 2007 so they have single MNC. 2) As i have… Read more »
April 3, 2014 9:38 am 9:38 AM
Karan: 1)In last 15 years: Telecom Ministers were: Dayanidhi Maran n A.Raja (DMK), Tamilnadu. So, for the benefit to their state they had taken those decisions. 2)In recent times whole nation saw: how All M.P of Andhra Pradesh stood together, of different parties, but in the interset of Telangana: they all come together. 3)N here in our MAHARASHTA: M.Ps hardly participate in parliment discussion, they can’t even speak Hindi,English properly: how they can express problems of ours? 4) U.P: 80 n then MH: 48 seats of parliment: 2nd largest; but These M.Ps from MH never come together on the issues:… Read more »
April 1, 2014 7:54 pm 7:54 PM
It very sad to see that even today some operators like voda, idea dont give uniform outgoing charges while moving between mum and mah circle by treating them as one circle as in case of other operaotrs like airtel, tata etc do treat as local calls between mum and m&G circle .Just what voda , idea provide free incoming thats it …I think its high time we need quality of services like uniformity its understood one state one circle but why in the name of metro city diving mum and mah and looting people. Wake up DOT work for the… Read more »
April 1, 2014 1:17 pm 1:17 PM
I belive the reason for this is there is no uniformity between mumbai ,mah and goa circle where airtel have license for 3g operation in mumbai but not in mah and goa ,similar is the case for idea where they have license in mah and goa for 3G but not in mumbai.People are not able to enjoy seamless and very competitve 3g charges The only solution to this DOT should merge mumbai and mah ,goa circle as one circle so the operatos dont have to deal with buying the license for both mumbai and mah seprately.As in case of tamil… Read more »
March 28, 2014 5:50 pm 5:50 PM

I saw the low rates for few days for AP circle. Suddenly they have reverted the charges.

March 28, 2014 2:00 pm 2:00 PM

Wrong information In Karnataka it is 251 for 1GB


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