Here’s Everything New in the Xiaomi’s MIUI 9 Compared to MIUI 8

Xiaomi’s first ever product, the MIUI (launched back in 2010) just got into the ninth iteration. Dubbed as MIUI 9, Xiaomi has just showcased its upcoming user interface at a media event in China. Xiaomi started the event by discussing the MIUI numbers. Currently, the MIUI is being downloaded over 2.8 billion times in 142 countries. The popular Android skin is translated into 55 languages.


Last year’s MIUI 8 brought major design refresh, and this year, the company is not bringing many changes to the visual interface. However, Xiaomi had made some notable changes under-the-hood. The MIUI 9 especially focuses on improving the overall system stability and speed improvements. Here’s everything Xiaomi introduced with the MIUI 9.

Split Screen Mode

Back at the launch of the Mi Max 2, Xiaomi announced the split screen mode for few devices. However, with the MIUI 9, the company is bringing the feature to every Xiaomi device, including the small screen devices such as the Xiaomi Redmi 4, Xiaomi Redmi 3s, etc. For now, if you have a Mi Max 2, you can head over to this guide and get the split screen feature right now.

Smart Assistant

Xiaomi has announced a new smart assistant, which is the easiest way to find almost everything with just a tap. The Smart Assistant is an easy way to find almost everything, schedules, notes, and much more saved on your phone.


Smart App Launcher

An interesting feature in the MIUI 9 is the smart app launcher, which suggests you launch apps based on the context in your conversations. A very handy feature, though. Sadly, Xiaomi did not provide a real time demo of the feature.


System Optimisation

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi is touting the under-the-hood changes in the MIUI 9. For example, the company has highlighted the Dynamic Resource Allocation thread process used in the MIUI 9. With its own critical thinking to allocate priority to in-use App to let you enjoy the fluent experience in the MIUI 9. Xiaomi also claims that the apps will be open much faster in the MIUI 9.


Past: All the apps fighting for the resource
MIUI 9: Prioritise resources for what you are using!

Image Search

Xiaomi has introduced a new ‘Image Search’ feature in the MIUI 9. In MIUI 9, you can search your images by entering the people name, location, expression, events, documents, and screenshots. This is same as the Google Photos feature, but you can even search images with expressions of people.


That said, these are the features introduced by Xiaomi in the MIUi 9. However, the company stated that most of the features would be first available first available in China only (for the time being, says Xiaomi). However, all these will be available in the global MIUI 9 update in the coming months.

The first beta of MIUI 9 will be released for select devices on August 11, whereas the Mi 5X will be the first Xiaomi smartphone to come preloaded with the new OS.

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Nothing much !

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Developer rom will be available from Aug 25th for selected devices like Mi5, MI max and Redmi 4 while other devices going to get after September end.