Ericsson Helps Optus With a Voice Call Over 5G SA Network

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Ericsson is one of the largest telecom gear vendors across the world. It is a European company that has helped multiple telecom operators around the globe in rolling out new generation networks for decades now. The European vendor also has ties with telecom companies in Australia. One of the largest network operators in Australia, Optus, recently took the help of Ericsson in its 5G tests involving SA (standalone) networks. Not only Ericsson, but Oppo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, also played an important role on the 5G test of Optus.

Optus Takes Ericsson’s and Oppo’s Help for 5G

Optus recently announced that it has successfully carried out a voice call leveraging the 5G SA (standalone) network. For the same, the operator had partnered with Ericsson and Oppo. For making the voice call successful, Ericsson offered its RAN (Radio Access Network) technology, Cloud IMS, and cloud-native dual-mode 5G core for SA networks technology.

The call was made on the network of Optus using the telco’s Evolved Packet System Fallback (EPS-FB) tech. Not ignoring one of the most important aspects of the test, the voice call was made through Oppo’s Find X3 Pro 5G smartphone.

Optus believes that when it offers the EPS-FB technology commercially, customers of the telco would be able to make voice calls and utilise 5G networks on SA mode on their smartphones. Lambo Kanagaratnam, Managing Director of Optus, said that the future of 5G in Australia lies on the SA networks. This is because SA networks combined with advanced technology will only let users and the country see the true potential of 5G networks.

Kanagaratnam further said that Optus is paving the way for innovation in 5G in Australia, and the telco would ensure that its customers get the best and most authentic 5G experience in the nation.

The same views on 5G SA networks are shared by Martin Wiktorin, Ericsson’s Head of Global Customer Unit Singtel. Wiktorin said that 5G SA networks would help Optus in unlocking new opportunities for its customers and enable the delivery of more immersive and richer technology experience for future 5G applications. He said that Ericsson is very happy to help Optus with the development of its 5G SA networks in the country.

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