Emergence Of Mobile Cloud Computing

By May 23rd, 2011 AT 11:55 AM

Emergence Of Mobile Cloud ComputingYears after birth of Internet, there is the Buzz across globe with reference to Cloud Computing.

The hottest wave in the world of technology is the potential growth of cloud computing.

While many technologically advanced people are aware about concept of Cloud Computing but still its new concept for masses.

Let me first of all brief about concept of Cloud Computing and how Mobile Cloud Computing is shortly going to be the future of Communication and of utmost importance to Telecom Operators as a revenue generating business model.

Basic Understanding of Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is New and unique form of accessing data (e.g. Applications, documents, Music files,Video files, User files and much more) from any place across the globe without carrying any data storage devices like Hard drives, Memory cards or flash cards. Primary benefit of the technology is, it sets user free to move from his installed Desktop location to any other place and still can have access to their data anytime from anywhere. By having all the information on cloud, user can bury his worry for not being able to access data outside his home or office.

Without going into in depth analysis on cloud computing, one can easily start to realize the major benefits and advantages a Cloud Computing user has over the normal user, as Cloud Computing user can access all their information wirelessly from anywhere, anytime.

When we take into consideration total mobile using community in world (i.e. Approx 4.5 Billion),it starts making more business sense that how Mobile Cloud Computing can change the way we communicate and how Telecom operators can generate revenues by building viable and sustainable business model.

What is Mobile Cloud Computing:

Mobile world is Primarily dependent of Two factors One is Network Stability (2G, 3G, TD-LTE, WIFI, WIMAX etc.,) and second is Handset availability (Feature phones, Smart Phones, Ultra Smart Phones)

Currently, there are more “feature” mobile phone users than “smart” phone users in world.Since “feature” mobile phones do not have enough processing power or memory to support huge amounts of data, Cloud Computing seems to be the ideal solution for these “feature” mobile phone users. Cloud computing will allow these “feature” mobile phone users to have the same amount of data access like “smart” phone users, except for the simple fact that “feature” phone users will not physically have their data stored onto the phone (due to the low processing/memory capabilities), it will be on their cloud and accessible to them when required. This extra advantage of Cloud Computing allows developers and mobile companies to start targeting a larger market than only “smart” phone users, which in turn will give Cloud Computing more thrust in near future.

Another reason why Cloud Computing will have a major impact on the mobile world is due to the popularity of mobile applications on different devices. Mobile Applications have a countless number of benefits to its users but one major hitch which many mobile users face is the fact that some mobile applications will work only on a specific device but not on another device based on mobile platforms, popularly known as Mobile Operating Systems. For example, one mobile application may run only on the BlackBerry while it will not work on an Apple iPhone, Same way One application may run on Android (Google’s Mobile Operating System) but may not be compatible with Windows OS (Microsoft’s

Mobile operating System) or with Bada phone (Samsung’s Mobile Operating System) . This problem of mobile applications only running on specific devices can easily be solved if a user decides to switch and use Cloud Computing as a form of accessing data and applications for their devices; if an application can be accessible from the web, it certainly can be accessible through cloud computing.

Mobile Cloud Computing – Applications:

Cloud Email” Currently most of the mobile users are accessing Gmail (free Email service from Google) through its feature applications for various Mobile operating systems; this is the best and live example of Mobile Cloud Computing. Here all the Emails are stored on Gmail’s server and all the processing is also done on its cloud, User has the smart interface on screen of the phone from where he inputs the commands. Processing of commands is done on Gmail’s server and output is displayed on Mobile phone screen.

Cloud Music” is the latest buzz these days. Revolutionary technology “Music Anywhere” which allows customers to have access to their music collections from anywhere in the world using their mobile device is a biggest example of where Mobile Cloud Computing is heading. Cloud Music and Streaming is the foreseen future of Cloud Computing and Mobile.

Cloud Mobile Desktop” tends to be a universal Storage device which can be accessed via Desktop,Laptop, Pads & Even mobile phones. Many companies offer this services wherein they allocate fixed space (Obviously expandable by paying additional amount) to a user in cloud and provides access to it via internet irrespective of the Users instrument. Service gets optimized based on the instruments/ browsers capacity.

Google’s “Cloud Print” is also an interesting example of how this concept will revolutionize and be part of our daily operational activities. Primary goal of this service is “to build a printing experience that enables any app (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer anywhere in the world.” Even though this concept is in a nascent stage / Beta stage available for use in Google chrome version 9 through it’s “Cloud print connector” module. Google is planning to release an Android application for “Cloud Print” in near future.

Same way “Cloud Video” and “Cloud Photo” will also revolutionize the way we access our videos and Snaps.

Road Ahead & Future for Mobile Cloud Computing:

It is still undecided that what the future truly holds for Cloud Computing and Mobile Cloud Computing,but experts foresee that within 2-3 Years, all technologically superior countries will be using Mobile Cloud Computing as their primary method of accessing data through their Mobile Phones and In fact India will Lead the show due to its higher Mobile Subscribers rate than any other country in the world. The future for Cloud Computing is surely bright, but the end users will have to wait until Cloud Computing reaches its best possible potential stage in the Mobile Industry to have access to innumerous advantages and benefits it have for all the users.

About the Author:

Tejas Dave is Regional Telecom Research/Business Analyst associated with one of the leading Telecom Operator in India. Previously he has worked with other Telecom operators and Worlds Largest Tower company. His role primarily gives him an opportunity to closely work with senior leaders of the Company,Industry and Government. He is also associated with Academic and professional organisations like WB India & AMA.

Tejas Dave is Regional Telecom Research/Business Analyst associated with one of the leading Telecom Operator in India. Previously he has worked with other Telecom operators and Worlds Largest Tower company. His role primarily gives him an opportunity to closely work with senior leaders of the Company,Industry and Government. He is also associated with Academic and professional organisations like WB India,World Economics Association,IDEAs & AMA.

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This concept i.e”cloud computing ” is nice one but i don’t think this is new technology it is already introduced 3-4 years back , for fast and advance communication cloud telephony is the new technology introduce in India.


this article is really great
but i am really didn’t understand if the cloud computing already gives facilities to mobiles like platforms ,software ,..etc nowadays or not ??!
in other word, just accessing internet by ma mobile then i would change the os , playing ,and any thing else
i hope to give me an answer

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