Dish TV, Tata Sky and Other DTH Operators Do Not Have Long Term Packs But There are Other Options

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The DTH industry has been through lots of ups and downs this year. Firstly with the start of the Trai tariff regime at the start of the year, the bumpy transmission of the customers from one regime to the new one and then the series of reeling regulatory changes and other operator level changes that have been brought to the subscribers, have surely affected the DTH industry and the experience of the consumers. Now, when it comes to experiencing a DTH connection, something that every consumer looks for is how they can save some money on their subscription. One of the most popular ways to do that in the case of DTH has been to get a long-term subscription. However, as you might know, with the new Trai tariff regime, the long term subscription packs have also had a bumpy ride and have mostly been wiped out, with the exception for the few. Now, does that mean that the subscribers cannot enjoy similar prices and discounts on their DTH connection? We say, that is most certainly not the case, here is what we mean by that.


How Does This Work?

Although most DTH operators have let go of their long-term channel packs with the exception of Airtel Digital TV, these DTH operators still have the long-term subscription option, which is applicable on any DTH connection regardless of what the channel selection is. These long-term packs offer a fixed discount to the consumers depending on the subscription period, and hence the subscribers enjoy the benefits of the long-term channel packs. Here is how this works for most DTH operators.

Tata Sky Cashback Offer

In the case of Tata Sky, this is known as the Tata Sky Cashback offer. Basically in this offer, the subscribers have to recharge their Tata Sky account with a year’s worth of rental, and within 48 hours, their Tata Sky account will be credited with the rental which is equivalent of one month of their Tata Sky subscription. So basically, the benefit for Tata Sky subscribers, in this case, is that by paying for the entire year of the Tata Sky subscription for 12 months, they get a free service for the 13th month. Unfortunately, there is no shorter span for this service, and this is the only offer available to the subscribers.

Dish TV and D2h

Dish TV and D2h are the companies which are offering some of the best long-term programmes for the subscribers right now. Unlike Tata Sky, which gives only one option to the subscribers, in the case of Dish TV and D2h, the subscribers also get option of choosing their long term subscription period. For example, the subscribers of Dish TV who opt for three months of subscription, get seven days of free service, similarly, the subscribers opting for six months of free service get 15 free service days and lastly, the subscribers getting 12 months of subscription get a month of free service a free Set-Top Box swap as well.

Airtel Digital TV

Now you must be wondering about what Airtel Digital TV offers to the subscribers in the case of this offer. So, the good news for Airtel Digital TV subscribers is that it remains to be the only DTH operator right now which is actually shipping a handful of long-term subscription packs which the users can opt for to make some savings. There are various semi-annual and annual subscription options available for the subscribers, and these packs include packs like Dabangg and more.

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