Dropbox finally releases an official app for Windows Phone

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Windows Phone clearly lacks a number of official apps when compared to iOS and Android, but the number has been improving slowly and steadily. When Dropbox and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership last year, the benefit for consumers was limited to Dropbox integration for Microsoft Office. But after yesterday’s Microsoft event, where Windows 10 was announced and showcased for smartphones and tablets, Dropbox launched an official app for Windows Phone as a part of the next step in the partnership.

Dropbox For Windows Phone 8

Now Dropbox has native apps for all platforms from Microsoft, be it Windows Phone or the desktop version of Windows. A Dropbox app with Modern UI design was available for Windows PCs and tablets since 2013. This new app is compatible with all the smartphones running Windows Phone 8 and above. Apart from some special features like pinning specific files and folders to the Start Screen, you can find all the usual features, which are present in Dropbox app on iOS or Android.

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