Tata Sky and Dish TV DTH Operators Compared Across Multi TV, Channel Packs and Set-Top Box Prices

Tata Sky and Dish TV are the two major DTH operators in India right now, but which operator should you choose? Find Out

  • Tata Sky recently tweaked its Flexi Annual plan for better
  • Dish TV is charging Multi TV charges of just Rs 50 for secondary connection

Tata Sky is probably the go-to DTH operator for customers who’re looking for a new DTH connection right now. However, other DTH operators like Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, D2h and Sun Direct are trying their best to compete with Tata Sky in every aspect. Dish TV, which has been in the news this week over its merger with Bharti Airtel is one such operator which is competing with Tata Sky in almost every aspect- Multi TV, Long Duration channel packs and it even slashed the price of its new HD connection to Rs 1,590. Dish TV and D2h almost offering similar channel packs and even similar long-term channel packs to the customers. Tata Sky has been making new changes to its channel packs, Multi TV policy and so on to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re in the market looking for a new DTH connection and locked between Tata Sky and Dish TV, then you should read ahead to know which operator has an upper right now.

Set-Top Box Prices Compared Between Dish TV and Tata Sky

Tata Sky was the first DTH operator in the market to slash prices of its set-top boxes officially and it was later on followed by Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV and D2h. Tata Sky’s Standard Definition (SD) set-top box is now available for purchase at just Rs 1,399, whereas the HD set-top box of Tata Sky can be picked up for Rs 1,499. Earlier, Tata Sky offered the SD set-top box for Rs 1,600, while the HD variant was sold for Rs 1,800.

In contrast, the highest variant of the Dish TV set-top box which is the DishNXT HD set-top box will be available only for Rs 1,590 which will also include one month of subscription, lifetime warranty and coupons worth Rs 2,000 from Coupon Duniya. The other variant of the Dish TV set-top box is the DishNXT which is available for Rs 1,490 thus making Dish TV the winner when it comes to STB affordability.

Tata Sky and Dish TV Long-Term Plans Compared

When it comes to long-term plans, Dish TV and Tata Sky are similar as both of them don’t offer any wide range of special channel packs like Airtel Digital TV. However, these DTH providers do offer a long-term subscription offer which will avail the subscribers a free month of subscription on payment of 11-months. While Tata Sky provides the Annual Flexi plan with the same benefit in this regard, Dish TV has simply advertised this offer as 30 days of extra service on the subscription of 11 months. Tata Sky recently modified its Flexi annual plan and the credit will now be instantly reflected in the customer’s account.

Multi-TV Policy of Dish TV is Way Better Than That of Tata Sky

When it comes to multi-TV policy, owing to the new change in the rules for Tata Sky, Dish TV stands as the clear winner again. Dish TV follows the same multi-TV policy as D2h, meaning that subscribers will pay a flat NCF of Rs 50 on every secondary connection. Whereas, on the other hand, Tata Sky has stopped giving any benefit to the multi-TV subscribers meaning that every Tata Sky subscription will be billed separately.

Tata Sky is the least chosen operator when it comes to Multi TV policy as customers will have to pay Rs 153 NCF charges for every secondary connection they choose. Tata Sky has made these changes under its new service called ‘Tata Sky Room TV’ which is already live to the consumers.


Even between the tug of war between Tata Sky and Dish TV, the latter seems to have won the comparison owing to its lower STB prices and a more affordable multi-TV policy. However, Tata Sky does offer an overall better experience for consumers. In case you want to run multiple TVs in your home, then Dish TV would be a perfect choice.

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