Dish TV HD Upgrade Gets Costlier By Rs 200, But Subscribers Now Get One Month of Free HD Channels

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When it comes to choosing DTH operators for a new connection at your home, chances are you will be faced with a handful of choices, and it will be a little tough for you to choose given that almost all the DTH operators are currently offering competitive prices for their DTH connections, Set-Top Boxes and other services. Two of the top names in the industry seem to be Dish TV and Tata Sky right now. Out of these two, Dish TV happens to be the choice for a lot of subscribers. Now with this being said, there are also a lot of customers of Dish TV who are currently using a Standard Definition Set-Top Box and they would like to upgrade from SD to HD Set-Top Box. Usually, for subscribers like these, the DTH operators offer an upgrade for a lesser cost, which means that the subscribers do not have to pay the full amount of the Set-Top Box, but they can pay much less amount to upgrade to an HD version. But, in a new move, Dish TV has increased the upgrade cost for the HD Set-Top Box for the subscribers. Here is what you need to know about this.


Dish TV HD Upgrade Pricing

It is worth noting that with the increased adaptation of HD TVs and with most of the subscribers now switching to HD, a lot of the subscribers on SD Set-Top Boxes are also going to want to switch to HD connections from Dish TV. For this, the older price for upgrading from the SD Set-Top Box was Rs 799, but now the subscribers of Dish TV will have to pay Rs 200 more, that is now the Dish TV HD upgrade will set back the subscribers by Rs 999.

When the subscribers get an HD upgrade for their connection, then they would get a visit from the Dish TV representative who will set up the new HD Set-Top Box at their home. Not only this, but the subscribers would also get an HD connection of their currently subscribed channel pack under this upgrade for one month. This is something that the subscribers will enjoy with their HD upgrade free of cost.

Dish TV Upgrade Now Costs More Than Airtel Digital TV Upgrade

Another DTH operator in the industry which is offering upgrades on its SD Set-Top Boxes is Airtel Digital TV. Airtel Digital TV subscribers who want to upgrade from SD to HD quality can do so by paying a fee to the DTH operator. Now, Airtel Digital TV is charging its subscribers Rs 699 for the upgrade and Rs 150 as engineer visitation charges for the upgrade, totalling the amount to Rs 849. This means that previous to the new hike on the upgradation cost, Dish TV HD upgrade was cheaper than Airtel Digital TV HD upgrade, but with this Rs 200 increase, the Dish TV upgrade would cost more for the subscribers.

HD Upgrades Compares for Different Operators

The Airtel Digital TV subscribers have to pay Rs 699 to upgrade from their SD to HD connection along with Rs 150 engineer visitation charges. As opposed to this, to upgrade to Airtel Xstream Box, the subscribers will have to pay Rs 1,999. Another popular DTH operator, Tata Sky charges Rs 1,199 if the subscribers want to upgrade to HD Set-Top Box from their SD STB. It is also worth noting that an individual buy of the DishNXT HD Set-Top Box would cost the subscribers Rs 1,590.

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Published by
Arpit Sharma

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