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Dish TV offers some of the best channel packs and deals to its users. The company keeps on introducing new channel packs at regular intervals and also keeps removing the old ones that don’t garner user’s interest. If you are someone who loves watching his/her favourite content in High Definition (HD) quality, Dish TV has got a lot of offers for you. You can navigate to the company’s website and search the Dish TV HD channel packs combos. These HD channel pack combos start from Rs 78 and range up to Rs 417 per month. Let’s take a look at all the Dish TV HD channel packs that are worth your money today.

Dish TV HD Channel Packs

Dish TV offers HD channel packs or combos with different language preferences. Users can choose from Hindi, Bangla, Odiya, Marathi, and Gujarati combos. We are going to list a few plans here that are worth your money from each of the different languages the company provides combo packs in.

Starting with Hindi, there’s a Rs 281 ‘MAXI SPORTS HSM HD’ pack that users can purchase. It comes with a total of 70 pay channels under which 25 channels are HD and 45 channels are SD. It covers channels from entertainment, news, sports, and kids genres. Note that the price mentioned here and anywhere ahead in the article is exclusive of network capacity fee (NCF) and taxes all of which will be applicable at the time of the purchase.

Moving ahead, under the Bangla category, there’s a ‘SUPER FAMILY BANGLA HD’ plan that costs Rs 290 and offers users 60 pay channels under which there are 27 HD channels and 33 SD channels. This channel pack includes popular kids and infotainment channels along with some Hindi and all of Bangla channels.

If you are looking for an Odiya HD channel pack combo from Dish TV, you can go for the Rs 310 ‘MAXI SPORTS ODIA HD’ pack. It comes with 66 pay channels under which users get 25 HD channels and 41 SD channels. This pack includes all Odia, Hindi, kids, and infotainment channels.

Talking about the Marathi HD channel combo pack from Dish TV, you can choose the Rs 276 pack which is ‘SUPER FAMILY MARATHI HD’ pack. This pack comes with 58 channels where there are 28 HD channels and 30 SD channels. With this pack, users get all Marathi channels along with some Hindi, popular kids and infotainment channels.

Lastly, if you are looking for a Gujarati HD channel combo pack, you can purchase the ‘MAXI SPORTS GUJARATI HD’ pack for Rs 281. It comes with 67 pay channels where 25 channels are HD and 42 channels are SD. It is a good channel pack for you if you love sports and also want Gujarati, Hindi and other entertainment channels.

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