Deutsche Telekom Launches Private 5G Network for RTL Deutschland

5G Standalone Network Enhances TV Broadcasting Capabilities.


  • Deutsche Telekom installs Germany's first media company 5G SA network.
  • New network enhances flexibility and efficiency in TV broadcasting.
  • RTL Deutschland gains full control over network for optimal performance.

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Deutsche Telekom Launches Private 5G Network for RTL Deutschland
Deutsche Telekom announced it has installed a private 5G campus network for RTL Deutschland, which will be put into operation just in time for the European Football Championship. This Campus Network Private solution marks Germany’s first media company to deploy its own 5G standalone (5G SA) network, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in TV broadcasting, Deutsche Telekom said on Tuesday.

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Boosting TV Production Capabilities

The new network enables the use of wireless cameras both inside and outside the studios, replacing traditional wired cameras. This shift promises greater flexibility for live productions. Additionally, the network supports wireless microphones, intercoms, and dedicated internet access, with further production systems to be tested via 5G, Deutsche Telekom said.

"In partnership with Deutsche Telekom, we are now operating an independent 5G mobile network at our broadcasting center in Cologne to bring our high-reach content to our viewers and users even more conveniently and efficiently," said RTL Deutschland.

Telekom Deutschland added, "Thanks to its network architecture with 5G standalone technology, the 5G Campus network meets the particularly high requirements of live TV production and offers important features such as minimal response times and high bandwidths."

Optimised Performance and Coverage

Designed for data-intensive applications, the 5G architecture offers ultra-low response times and high upload bandwidths of around 500 Mbps. The network will cover over 35,000 square meters, including two studios, a mall, and the visitor parking lot in Cologne-Deutz. Ericsson provided the infrastructure, featuring six antennas: two outdoors, one of which is used temporarily, and four more indoors to ensure comprehensive coverage.

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Enhanced Control and Security

The 5G SA network operates on frequencies reserved specifically for RTL Deutschland in the 3.7 to 3.8 gigahertz range, meaning up to 100 megahertz bandwidth is exclusively available to the broadcaster, Telekom said. RTL Deutschland retains full control over the network, allowing for on-demand adaptation and prioritization of data traffic.

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