Den Networks Providing Jio Set-Top Box to New Subscribers

Den Networks and Hathway Cable and Datacom are providing new customers with Jio branded STBs now

Reliance Industries Limited is having a really good time in the market. At a scenario where every company is facing a lot of problems with its financials, RIL, the parent of Jio, has gone debt-free. It has managed to raise more than $20 billion in the past few weeks. Now, according to a report, Den Networks is providing its new customers with Jio branded STBs. Den Networks is a subsidiary company of RIL so it makes sense. Not only this, earlier this year, but even Hathway cable also started providing its new customers with Jio branded STBs.

Jio Branded STBs for Customers of Den Networks

Den Networks which is a subsidiary of RIL now provides new customers with Jio branded STBs. The news was reported by DreamDTH. One of their community members had recently purchased a new STB from Den Networks and he got a Jio branded STB. Not only that, but even the remote which comes with the STB is branded with Jio. It is worthy to note that the software branding inside the STB still remains of Den Networks with EPG. There is a watermark of Den Networks inside the box. The signal still comes from a DEN Network end, so it only makes sense. Additionally, the new box from Den Networks will now be able to support Dolby Plus.

Hathway Also Providing Jio Branded STBs

For those of you who don’t know, even Hathway is providing its new customers with Jio branded STBs. It started earlier this year. Hathway account is even integrated into the MyJio app so you can link your Hathway account in the app as well. The feature was being tested earlier and it wasn’t ready for immediate use. Reliance Industries Limited announced in an investor presentation which was held on May that they are looking to reach their target of 50 million-plus cable households.

This way, Reliance will certainly be able to reach its target very soon. Along with this, Reliance had also announced about the amalgamation of Network18, TV18, DEN, and Hathway so that all of its cable businesses can fall under one arm and that would certainly make things more efficient and effective.


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