Delhi Gets its First Mobile SAR Testing Laboratory

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BNNSPEAG Test and Calibration Laboratory India Pvt. Ltd  has opened SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) test facility for Mobile Phones, PDA’s, Laptops, Tablets and other RF Devices at Delhi NCR.

The lab will provide the much-needed impetus and resource to the Government and Industry as well as public at large to verify the SAR values declared by the manufacturer of Mobile Phones and will enhance confidence in the implementation of the new policy limit of 1.6 W/Kg averaged over a tissue of 1 gm mass, effective in India from 01 Sep 2012.

The facility is fully functional with effect from 01 Sep 2012 and undertakes testing as per following standards:

62209-1 (2005) : Head SAR

62209-2 (2010) : Body SAR

IEEE 1528 & OET Bul. 65: Head and Body SAR

The lab is equipped with the state of the art, latest DASY 52 NEO System from SPEAG. A number of phones have already been successfully tested. Round Robin (Inter-Lab Comparison) testing for a set of mobile phones is already in progress and the results are expected by September end. Simultaneously, 17025 accreditation application is already being processed and expected by end of this year.

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