Customer Awareness Tips : Alert On Fraudulent Phone Callers

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Customer Awareness Tips Alert On Fraudulent Phone CallersTelecomTalk has partnered with Airtel Presence team and for the next few days we will be updating you regularly on customer awareness tips.

It is not new that you are getting mails, SMS even phone calls saying you have won some big some money in a lottery abroad which you never take part.

These fraudsters even claim that they are from some reputed company even from some bank. With days go, these scams and frauds get more and more sophisticated to invade your life.

A simple software  of few kB size can steal all your personal information from your PC or mobile.Please be cautious! There is a reported increase in malicious activity by fraudsters in the telecommunication world. Some of these may result in substantial increase of your phone bill.

These can be in the form of:-
» SMS’ from unknown sources prompting you to call on a number (offer of prize-money being the way to tempt you).

» SMS/Email from unknown sources prompting you click and go to a site offering free download of content/movie clips/pictures.

» Premium Rate Services offering you to call a particular International number (International numbers start with 00 or +country code) to make friends and chat with like-minded people. These may also bait you with their temptations like offering prize money.

» Call/Missed call from a number where the person on the other end claims to be calling from your service provider - Airtel and asks you to dial a number to get your prize money.

Common Frauds

» Doing any of the above may lead to calls being dialed out from your mobile to International numbers or Satellite numbers without your Knowledge.

» content from unreliable sources may lead to malicious software like viruses being installed on your handset, which may lead to your personal data on the mobile being compromised.

» Imposter calling and asking you to dial on call or seeking information like IMEI, Bank Account Number, other information and which may help him hack your handset.

» Claims of “Lottery awards” that you have won with the fraudster seeking an upfront commission from you,
to receive such rewards. Such commission sought to be paid via Recharge Vouchers of other television and telephonic products.

What you should do?
» Avoid going from your mobile browser to sites which offer unreliable and questionable content.

» If you inadvertently accessed any of these sites, close any/all pop-up windows that may have opened.

» You should not download and/or install any software from sites where there are a large number of pop-up windows.

Read everything carefully before clicking OK, especially when you are going to download something.

» Do not post your mobile number on the websites unless you are very sure that the site is secure.

» Do not dial any code from your mobile that an unknown caller asks you to do so.

» Do not give your handset IMEI number to anybody. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique code given by handset manufacturer for your number. This can be obtained by pressing *#06#.

» Do not delete data from your browser's history files, to enable you trace back problems, if necessary.

» Keep Bluetooth connectivity off when not required and or keep the security feature of your handset on high mode.

» Periodically check the icons on your handset and ensure that no new icons have appeared that has not consciously been installed by you.

» Check your Mobile bill regularly for any anomaly (to check for Outgoing International Calls). You may subscribe to daily unbilled alerts by sending ‘SUNB’ to 121 to check on your usage.

» Format your handset if you feel that unintentionally any of the above may have happened with you, this will remove malicious software from your handset.

» Refrain from sharing any personal information, identity proof or making any payments to people promising lottery or other unexpected awards.

Please exercise utmost caution while surfing Internet sites using your phone.

In case of such suspicious calls, airtel customers, please report the same to [email protected], others please inform your respective operators’ customer care departments.

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