Cortana gets updated in India with new categories of interest

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Virtual assistants are getting quite popular these days and seeing the fact that India is quite an important market for smartphone OEMs, the personal assistants are  becoming adaptive to the Indian accent. Microsoft Cortana, which does a decent job at recognizing the Indian accent has just got itself an update which has made it better equipped to cater to the Indian customers.


The update brings with new categories of interest of the Indian consumers. The new categories include the likes of headlines, food, finance, lifestyle, music and so on. Cortana had support only for weather and sport before this update. It is not yet known if the update has started rolling out in other parts of the globe (namely Australia and Canada) which got the Alpha version of Cortana alongside India.

Cortana for Android is expected to launch later this month. Google Now and Siri from Apple have been the forerunners in terms of virtual personal assistants and Microsoft's Cortana has been a bit behind in this regard. With expanding support and new categories, it is expected to catch up soon.


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