Control Microsoft office presentations using Office Remote app for Android

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Microsoft has been releasing some kickass apps on its rival smartphone and tablet platforms – Android and iOS. After releasing new Office apps – Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel – for Android and iOS, the software giant has released a great utility app for Office users dubbed ‘Office Remote’.

Microsoft Office Remote App Android

As the name suggests, the Office Remote app can turn your Android smartphone into a remote to control Microsoft Office presentations on your desktop, just like a ‘Clicker’ would, but also integrates a lot of other features.

You would need to download an extension, and then connect your Android smartphone/tablet to Microsoft Office app on your desktop through Bluetooth. Right now, this app only works with Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 2016 preview on Windows. There’s a good possibility of this feature making it to Office 2016 for Mac with its final release.

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