Consumer Experience : Can you really rely on Telenor Internet – let’s check !

While Telenor is playing the game by relying heavily on 2G services for now, telenor is also testing its future on narrow band LTE and related technologies where chances of mergers are also possible.


Telenor is the only operator available across few circles providing the cheapest data packs for as low as 1.25GB for 98Rs* with 28 days validity. Telenor India also boasts an aggressive upgrade to provide seamless data experience on EDGE technology. Now I’m sharing my experiences with telenor 2.75 EDGE data services which I have personally experienced in multiple circles and not particularly at a single cell site.

It takes all this for a customer to enjoy the data benefits offered from Telenor:

1.Failed to connect to Internet – One can’t connect to Internet at one go or the device doesn’t get connected to Internet

2.Require Multiple connection attempts – Multiple connection attempts are required to connect to Internet

3.Connection established : But no up-link and down-link – Though a packet data connection is established there won’t be any data transmission happening really

4.Access point issues – Not all devices have this issue, but to address a few devices which are old and have this specific problem of identifying the APN automatically have this issue, as auto search pops up random number in connection name as seen below. (Not a serious issue to consider, but worth a point to be noted when compared with other operators)

Telenor APN

5.Not so promising speeds on EDGE – poor quality of internet speeds are experienced at times.

6.Sometimes even the internet connection will not be available to connect – users can identify this with various symbols based on the smart phones used (E,EDGE,GPRS).

7.Requires a flight mode / Phone restart sometimes for the Network to be responsive for DATA – Sometimes even after various tries, the device needs a flight mode or phone restart for the internet to connect and work properly.

Despite of all the above cases and scenarios experienced, I can’t also deny the fact that the Internet works good at times. I have also conducted a real life scenario for continuity test and was able to stream for 13+ hours without connection disconnection (I’m not saying no buffering experience, which is different from disconnection). But a question of doubt arises on how far this randomness of goodness is reliable?

All these experiences make any user feel not to rely on Telenor internet for their crucial and seamless internet experience on mobile. Dear readers, do let us know if you have faced any of those scenarios on your telenor number/circle via comments.

*Note: Observations shared here are purely based on personal experiences and may not reflect any technical or exact scenarios. These experiences, may or may not be the same with different users/devices/circles. Experiences shared here were tested using different devices and at different cell sites/circles. Network conditions may vary based on various real life factors.

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May 15, 2016 3:55 pm 3:55 PM

Telenor data is very bad in A.P. Not connecting. Even after connection data is very slow. Waste.

May 13, 2016 6:06 pm 6:06 PM

downloading speed is very slow but after connecting it works ok

March 14, 2016 12:49 am 12:49 AM

i have seen in telenor that if you use dual sim based phone the moment you use other sim the internet starts acting crazy thats why i use my old android phone with single sim with that it connects in an instant.

March 17, 2016 11:20 am 11:20 AM

There might be issue with your phone.
I am using a dual sim Zenfone 5 with airtel and telenor. I keep switching the data SIM. Never faced issue.

Me too faced this issue but a firmware update fixed it.