How to Check Your MNP Status Online

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Mobile Number Portability, or just known as MNP is a straightforward way for the subscribers to switch from one telecom operator to other without needing to change their number. The process involves sending a single message following which subscribers receive a unique code on their phone which is then used to port their phone number to a different SIM. In India, if you wish to port your number to another operator, you will merely need to send an SMS "PORT " to 1900 after which you will receive a unique porting ID. You should keep in mind that the porting ID being provided by the operator is time-bound, so you will have to go to the nearest store before the expiry date of the porting ID. Make sure that you carry your address proof, ID proof and passport size photo when you go to get your number ported.


The next step is simply waiting. However, many people would like to know the status of their MNP process while they are waiting for the number portability to happen. Now there are many ways to check the status of MNP by SMS, online, customer care number or by visiting the nearest store. If you have given your number for portability and you want to check the status of your MNP, then keep your UPC and mobile number handy and read ahead.

1. Go and visit the Track MNP Status webpage, where you can proceed ahead with the MNP status.

2. In the respective boxes, enter your information like mobile number, UPC and more.

3. When the website asks for confirmation, enter your UPC once again along with the correct captcha.

4. Go through your entered details once again to check for accuracy and then proceed by clicking on the Submit button.

5. If you have entered the right information, then the webpage will show you the current MNP status.

By following the above steps, you will be easily able to check the MNP status of your number after you have applied for portability. Whether you are subscribed to Idea, Vodafone, Reliance Jio or Airtel, you can quickly head over to the MNP website mentioned above, input your information and find out the progress for your mobile number portability. Also, by this method you would not have the hassle of going through a procedure which requires sending SMS, going to a store or making a call for just knowing the MNP status of your number.


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