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Aqua Comms Announces Completion of Amitie Subsea Cable System

Aqua Comms, Meta, Microsoft, and Vodafone announce the completion of the Amitie subsea cable system. Amitie is the world's first direct link between Boston and Europe and Bordeaux and North America, spanning 6,783 kilometres (4,215 miles) across the Atlantic. Built by Alcatel Submarine Networks, this 16-fibre pair system has a capacity of 400 terabits per second (Tbps), making it the highest-capacity transoceanic communications cable ever deployed, as the official announcement... Read More

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Tusass Advances Connectivity in Greenland With GreenSAT Satellite and Seabed Survey

Greenland's telecommunications service provider Tusass is enhancing communication capabilities across the region. In recent announcements, Tusass revealed its progress with the deployment of the GreenSAT satellite and the commencement of a seabed survey along the coastline from Qaqortoq to Ilulissat. The last time you read about Tusass on TelecomTalk was in February. Also Read: GreenSAT to Improve the Connectivity of Greenland: Tusass GreenSAT Satellite Advances Connectivity In February 2023, Tusass... Read More

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Vocus Upgrades Melbourne to Adelaide Cable Route to 800 Gbps

Vocus, a specialist fibre and network solutions provider in Australia, has announced a significant upgrade to its Melbourne to Adelaide cable route, deploying 800 Gbps technology to enhance connectivity and cater to the surging demand from hyperscale cloud providers. According to the official statement, Vocus said the services are available for customers up to 400 Gbps and has plans to further upgrade its national network to the latest 1.6 Tbps... Read More

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ASN, Elettra, and Partners Begin Construction of 8,700 Km Medusa Submarine Cable System

Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), Elettra Tlc, Medusa, and Orange have announced the commencement of the construction contract for the Medusa Submarine Cable System. This cable project aims to enhance connectivity across the Mediterranean by establishing crucial connections between multiple countries. Medusa submarine cable system Medusa, spanning over 8,700 kilometres, is set to become the longest cable in the Mediterranean Sea, providing enhanced North-South and East-West connectivity. The Medusa Submarine Cable... Read More

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Liquid Intelligent Technologies Installs Mauritius Telecom T3 Subsea Cable Between Mauritius and South Africa

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has completed the installation of the Mauritius Telecom T3 subsea cable. This deployment establishes a vital connection between Mauritius and South Africa, enhancing stability and redundancy in their connectivity. Boosting Connectivity in the Indian Ocean Liquid Intelligent Technologies deployed the T3 cable at its landing facility in Amanzimtoti, located south of Durban. According to the statement, the installation of this cable marks a significant development in bolstering... Read More

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Sparkle and Kush Investments Ink Deal for Virtual Fiber Solution Linking Djibouti to Europe and India

Sparkle, the first international service provider from Italy, has joined forces with Kush Investments, an investment firm based in the UAE, in a significant move to bolster telecommunications infrastructure in East Africa. The partnership was announced following the signing of a strategic agreement at Sparkle's headquarters in Rome, setting the stage for an ambitious long-term project involving the Blue and Raman Submarine Cable Systems. Also Read: Sparkle Signs MoU With... Read More

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Colt Completes Deployment of New Fiber Cable in Channel Tunnel

Colt Technology Services, the global digital infrastructure company, announced the successful completion of its new dark fibre cable deployment in the Channel Tunnel, connecting London (UK) and Paris (France). This development is set to revolutionize data connectivity between the two major European cities, offering businesses and organizations faster, more reliable, and uninterrupted data transmission across borders. Meeting Growing Connectivity Needs With the increasing demand for cloud computing and digital services... Read More

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Sparkle Signs MoU With LPTIC for New Submarine Infrastructure Linking Libya to Italy and Europe

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy, has announced the signing of a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Libya Postal Telecommunication and Technology Holding Company (LPTIC). Sparkle says the agreement was formalized during the visit of Abulhamid Dabaiba, Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (Gun), to Rome. Also Read: Sparkle Starts Laying the BlueMed Subsea Cable in Genoa Sparkle and LPTIC join forces The MoU outlines... Read More

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NTT GDC Lands MIST Subsea Cable in Chennai

NTT Global Data Centers celebrated a significant achievement as it successfully landed the MIST subsea cable in Chennai, India. The momentous occasion was shared on LinkedIn by NTT GDC on May 31, 2023. The MIST cable is India's first 12 fibre pair capacity system, boasting a bandwidth of 200 Tbps, according to the company. It is also one of the largest bandwidth submarine cables in the Asia-Pacific region. Also Read: NTT... Read More

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Colt Expands US Capabilities With New Data Center and Subsea Connection in New Jersey

Colt Technology Services (Colt), the digital infrastructure company, has announced the expansion of its US capabilities by connecting a new data centre and subsea Cable Landing Station (CLS) called NJFX, located in New Jersey, to Colt IQ Network. Also Read: Aqua Comms Launches First 400 Gbps Trans-Atlantic Service for ESnet Colt Connects New Data Centre and CLS in New Jersey Colt says this strategic extension is part of its ongoing... Read More

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Alcatel Submarine Networks and Center3 to Construct EMC West, Linking Saudi Arabia to Europe

Center3, a subsidiary of the stc group, has announced the signing of the Supplier's Contract on behalf of the consortium partners of EMC Subsea Cable Company (EMC Company) and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN). This significant agreement marks the beginning of the construction phase for two revolutionary subsea and terrestrial data cables, collectively known as EMC West, which will establish a vital connection between Saudi Arabia and Europe. Moreover, according to... Read More

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Farice Partners With Ciena to Enhance IRIS Cable System

Farice, the main provider of international capacity from Iceland to mainland Europe, has joined forces with Ciena, a global networking solutions provider, to enhance its recently launched IRIS cable system. The collaboration aims to improve connectivity between southwest Iceland and Galway, Ireland, with onward connections to the UK, Denmark, and the Nordics. Also Read: IRIS Subsea Cable to Link Ireland and Iceland The IRIS... Read More

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