You Can Now Purchase a Reliance JioPhone by Heading Over to a Nearby Jio Store

Recently, it was reported that Reliance Jio has started selling the Reliance JioPhone for the second time. Today, the company is sending out text messages to customers who have shown interest in purchasing the JioPhone before the official launch. In the text message, the company is asking the customers to head over to a nearby Jio store and pick up the JioPhone, meaning the device may be available for everyone out there.


In the recent report, it was stated that the JioPhone would be available only for consumers who showed in purchasing the device before the first sale. It was also said that a token would be given to the customers receiving the text message, however, in the message I received, there’s an URL which displays the nearby store.


“Thank you for confirming your interest in JioPhone. Now available at a Jio Store near you . Limited stocks. Team Jio.” This is the message sent by Reliance Jio.

Also, in the message, Jio is highlighting to rush to the Jio store if you’re interested in purchasing the JioPhone because stocks are less this time around as well. In the first sale, Jio managed to grab six million bookings, and more than 10 million customers showed interest in purchasing the JioPhone.

Customers interested can head over to the nearby Jio store and pay Rs 1,500 to get their JioPhone. For the unaware, the Reliance JioPhone is effectively priced at Rs 0, but as a security deposit, Jio is collection Rs 1,500 from every customer. That said, Jio will return the security deposit amount after three years.

There will be limited people who’re still interested in purchasing a JioPhone, thanks to the company’s recent update on terms and conditions. To give a brief idea, you have to recharge every month with the Rs 153 tariff plan for 36 months to get the refund the amount back. But the JioPhone is still the best feature phone out there on the market, and by paying just Rs 153, you can enjoy unlimited voice calls and 500MB data per day for a month.

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saket kewate
December 2, 2017 10:35 pm 10:35 PM

just brought second jiophone for one friend.

Didnt ask for booking code.

One flaw identified.

I had given Rcom number with UPC code generated 30 days back. but jio rejected saying UPC code should have been generated in last 7 days.

I didnt wanted SIM, so given False moibile number and UPC code. this saves my Rs153 recharge and also wont get linked to my aadhar.

Jio phone demand is very low, i dont know how people are doing balck marketing.

after REDMI 5A, rs199 plam, no one should buy LOKED+SINGLE SIM+Without WhatsAPP+ Without Hotspot -jio phone.

Jio may not sucess in jiophone untill something change

December 1, 2017 7:09 pm 7:09 PM

Better buy Redmi 5A.. if anyone is so much drifting by this 153 plan

onam jee
December 1, 2017 11:58 am 11:58 AM
I m using mm bharat 1 since last 15 days..from…although it costs me 2600/-but now I’m free from any kind of t&cs. its very good feature phone. u can use 4g or volte in either slots. only the slot being used for data works in 4g mode. other slot will be 2g only, not 2g/3g. network modes available are gsm only, wcdma only, lte only, gsm/wcdma auto, gsm/wcdma/lte auto and wcdma/lte auto modes. hotspot is working very fine. duel sims all good. after receiving it, 2 days later, it has a system update and whatsapp facebook apps also added… Read more »
December 2, 2017 11:11 am 11:11 AM

It seems they do not support all jio bands. Bad move by micromax.

onam jee
December 2, 2017 2:22 pm 2:22 PM

no, u r at wrong side…all the bands of jio 5, 3 & 40 supported in this phone.

onam jee
December 2, 2017 5:36 pm 5:36 PM

bharat 1 band infos

December 2, 2017 7:35 am 7:35 AM

Usb tethering ???

onam jee
December 2, 2017 2:21 pm 2:21 PM

yes Bluetooth and usb tethering also available along with the hot spot wifi tethering.