BSNL release guidelines for VAS service providers after numerous complaints

BSNL has received various complaints on a regular basis that some of the VAS providers are pushing obscene promotional messages to BSNL customers, which are hurting their sentiments. On the basis of increased complaints, BSNL has directed all the circles that messages pushed by VAS providers for the purpose of making promotions through any channel shall follow new guidelines.


The new guideline mandate no name, age, gender, profession, or place should be mentioned while sending promotion VAS messages. Any message should not include word which are misleading and deceptive in nature or directly/indirectly mention sex-related activities. Further, no message should be send which encourages any conduct that would violate any applicable law or regulation or would give rise to civil liability.

As per the new guideline, if any VAS provider violates or non-adherence to above guidelines, the same would be considered violation of agreements. BSNL also reserves the right to suspend the services whenever field units of BSNL will be convinced that content is outdated/obscene/offending to the feelings of any religion, community, sector, against the law, or unsatisfactory responsive.

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December 18, 2015 9:28 pm 9:28 PM

Very good move!

Abishek Naagendra
December 18, 2015 8:38 pm 8:38 PM

Unfortunately, today also I got such messages… BSNL should take stringent action against those VAS partners who are sending such obscene messages because now-a-days people well below 18 years use mobiles… And this is an open secret…

December 18, 2015 2:40 pm 2:40 PM

Hahaha bikini babes ones??? Bsnl is so cheap they keep sending these kinds of messages shamelessly. And then there are fake girls’ messages like “main akeli hoon mujhse baat karo” LOL what kind of sleazy sarkari uncles’ imaginations are these?? Not surprising that these kind of messages go around on bsnl only such unprofessional company they are!

December 19, 2015 4:45 pm 4:45 PM

Sunny, you have not understood the write-up. BSNL is not sending these messages.
In fact, BSNL is banning VAS service providers from sending such messages.
Pls understand what is happening before commenting so cheaply about BSNL.

December 19, 2015 5:05 pm 5:05 PM

Who cares who is sending? It’s happening on BSNL network or not? And this has been going on for ages, how come they are trying to stop it only now and that too after complaints from people? Were the BSNL uncles and aunties, sleeping, ignorant or just enjoying this obscene garbage to allow it on their network? Thank god my parents don’t use SMS because when I checked their inbox was full of such filth. Clearly BSNL is a cheap, pedestrian and unprofessional organization run by uncouth people.

December 21, 2015 9:50 pm 9:50 PM

Mr.sunny… you seems like a complainer ……before you comment, kindly let me know what action you have made for the betterment of the society….do your part and better stop talking non-sense …..from now on wards stop complaining and canvassing and start doing something