BSNL Super Star 1 Broadband Plan Makes Lot of Sense

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BSNL Broadband Plan

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) still offers users normal broadband connections (not fiber) all across the country. The telco does a major chunk of its business with its landline broadband services. BSNL has been recognised as one of the major Internet service providers (ISPs) in India because of its presence across the telecom circles. One of its ADSL broadband plans namely the Super Star 1 makes a lot of sense even in the era of fiber broadband. Let’s understand why.

BSNL Super Star 1 Broadband Plan Against 100 Mbps Fiber Plan

BSNL’s Super Star 1 plan is an attractive offering against the 100 Mbps plan that it offers to users under the Bharat Fibre. Both the plans are closely priced. The Super Star 1 broadband plan comes with 779GB of data and offers 10 Mbps speed. Beyond consumption of 779GB of data, the speed for the users will drop to 2 Mbps.

With the Super Star 1 plan, users are also eligible to get a free fixed-line voice calling connection along with an over-the-top (OTT) benefit of Disney+ Hotstar Premium. This plan is priced at Rs 779 per month. So basically BSNL is offering users 1GB of data for Rs 1 with this plan.

Coming to the Bharat Fibre 100 Mbps plan, it costs Rs 799. Even though it costs Rs 20 more than the Super Start 1 plan, it offers users 100 Mbps speed and 3.3TB or 3,300GB of data. This is a great deal for many users. There is a free voice calling connection included as well. However, there is no OTT benefit offered to the users.

What Really Makes the BSNL Super Star 1 Plan Really Good?

First of all, note that I am not saying that this is the best plan available for users throughout the industry. However, that doesn’t mean this plan isn’t good on its own. BSNL’s Super Star 1 plan makes a lot of sense because of three reasons.

First, even though the speed offered by the plan is only 10 Mbps, it is more than sufficient for a large group of users who have basic browsing needs.

Second, the data offered by the plan is not less in any way. A majority of users can live comfortable with as much as 779GB of data at their disposal.

Third and lastly, the Super Star 1 plan offers a free OTT benefit of Disney+ Hotstar Premium which currently none of the other ISPs in India do. Even the 100 Mbps plan from the telco doesn’t offer the said OTT benefit.

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