Should BSNL Subscribers Port Out of Their SIMs or Hold Ground?

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The government-led telecom operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been in the news headlines lately. The last two months have been very troubling for the telecom operator as dark clouds were looming over the revival package of MTNL and BSNL. However, now the government has decided that the state-led telecom operators, both MTNL and BSNL will receive massive help from the government, which will breathe back life into these companies. It’s noteworthy that BSNL has been neck-deep in losses, and has a lot of dues to its vendors and operational creditors. But, with this new revival plan set in motions, a lot of the troubles of BSNL will subside. While all this has been going on, some of the subscribers of BSNL have been migrating to other operators for many reasons. While some thought they were missing out on services, others were simply in the lookout for different pricing. However, we would like to draw your eyes to some of the reasons as to why we think the subscribers should hold on to their BSNL SIMs instead of porting to other telecom operators. So, if you are a BSNL subscriber, read ahead.

Extensive Prepaid Plan Portfolio

When it comes to the breadth of prepaid plans, there is no telecom operator in the industry which even comes close to BSNL in this case. Even after rolling out lots of plans and having a massive prepaid portfolio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have not been able to match BSNL in the extensiveness of the prepaid portfolio. If you are a BSNL subscriber, then you will easily be able to get plans which are tailormade for your needs. While in the case of other telcos, you might get a little undercut, or sometimes you might have to pay more than you need to. But, with BSNL, that won’t be the case as you will get voice-only prepaid plan, plans with only data, combo offerings, STVs and much more.

Still Sticking With TalkTime Plans

The drawback with getting a Vodafone Idea or a Bharti Airtel connection is that the subscribers would have to do a minimum recharge to have validity for outgoing calls in their number. But, since BSNL still follows the talk time pattern of recharges, the subscribers can leave their worries about running out of talk time after a specific date in case they suddenly need to make outgoing calls. There is no threshold below which the subscribers will not be able to make calls, as is in the case of other private telecom operators’ offerings.

Onset of 4G Services

The only major drawback that BSNL subscribers were facing up until now was the lack of a 4G network. While the other subscribers were enjoying 4G level speeds, BSNL subscribers were left with 3G networks and sub-par download speeds. But, then BSNL started refarming its 3G spectrum for 4G network in some areas, but even then, most of the BSNL using public has been stuck with the legacy network. But, now that BSNL will be administratively allocated the spectrum for 4G, the subscribers will get fast speeds in the near future.

Unmatchable Offerings on Data Front

Some of the BSNL offerings in the past have been genuinely unmatchable when it comes to data. The state-led telecom operator was offering 2.2GB additional daily data to many of its prepaid subscribers a few months back. In addition to this, the telco still continues to offer 60 extra days of validity on its Rs 1,699 prepaid plan along with 1GB additional data, which is something that other telecom operators have not been able to match.

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