How to Gift Talk Time from BSNL Prepaid Mobile Number

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been resorting to all sorts of tricks up its sleeve to lure more customers to its network. The interesting thing is that a lot of these moves really seem to be working for the telco. The telecom operator has rolled out a bunch of offers, revised its plans and more. It is also worth noting that BSNL is one of the telecom operators which offers talk time gift facility for its subscribers, meaning that subscribers can transfer talk time from their prepaid account balance to other BSNL customers. So, in case your friend and family need to have some talk time on their prepaid account balance, or you are the one in need, then you can follow the steps mentioned below to transfer talk time from one BSNL customer to other.

Important Things to Note Before Making BSNL Talk Time Transfer

There are some things that the subscribers should note before proceeding to transfer or gifting talk time to a BSNL subscriber. Regarding this, BSNL has pointed out that in order to transfer talk time, it should be ensured that both the numbers should be from the same circle. The person making the transfer of talk time should have a minimum of Rs 200 in the main account balance. Also, the transfer of talk time can be made in multiples of Rs 10, meaning that subscribers can transfer the amount in denominations of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50 and so on. Further, there is a maximum cap of Rs 200 on talk time transfer, and also a maximum of 5 transfers are allowed in a month.

One thing that the BSNL subscribers might not find as amusing is that there will be a service charge applied on the transfer, which will be deducted from the main account. The service charge will be 10% of the amount being transferred or a minimum of Rs 3. The talk time donor should also keep in mind that they should maintain a minimum talk time balance of Rs 50 after the transfer.

Process to Transfer Talk Time to BSNL Prepaid Customer

To avail this service, the BSNL subscriber will first have to register themselves for the service. For registering, the subscribers will have to send, SMS REGISTER PTOP to 54455. Similarly, in case the subscriber wants to deregister, they will have to send SMS DEREGISTER PTOP to the same 54455 number. When the subscriber completes the registration successfully, a 6 digit PIN will be initiated and sent to them. The subscribers should preserve this PIN for future transactions. Now to finally make the transfer to another BSNL subscribers, the customers should SMS to 54456. For example, to gift a talk time of Rs 50 to a number 9440000123, the following SMS has to be sent to the shortcode 54456 - GIFT 9440000123 50 XXXXXX.

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