BSNL Offering Up to 25% Cashback Upwards of Rs 4,000 on Annual and Semi-Annual Postpaid Plans

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With so many revisions, new plans and offers under its name, now there is hardly any other telecom operator in the sector which has tweaked its portfolio like BSNL is doing right now. The state-led telecom operator has been vying for the attention of subscribers by the method of consumer-centric moves, new plans and choices for quite some time now. In this latest move, the operator has introduced many exciting offers and discounts. One such exciting offer from BSNL has been the annual cashback scheme. Now previously, we got to see the BSNL cashback scheme offering 25% cashback to subscribers on broadband and FTTH plans, but not everybody knows that the telco is also offering impressive benefits for its postpaid subscribers too.

Cashback Benefits for Annual Subscribers of BSNL Postpaid Plans

It is worth noting that the benefits which we are talking about are only limited to postpaid mobile users. In the annual cashback offer scheme, when consumers subscribe to the Rs 1,525 monthly rental plan, they will get a cashback of Rs 4,575 while the total yearly payable amount will be Rs 18,300. Similarly, another plan of Rs 1,125 will avail the subscribers, cashback of Rs 3,375 over the entire year which will again sum up to be 25%. For the top three plans of fixed monthly charge (FMC) Rs 1,525, Rs 1,125 and Rs 799, BSNL will offer 25% cashback to the subscribers.

Plans below that price tag which come for Rs 725 and Rs 525 per month will avail 20% cashback to the consumers. Lastly, the Rs 399, Rs 325 and Rs 225 postpaid plans will get the consumers 10% cashback benefit only. Now the interesting part is that BSNL cashback offer on postpaid plans does not just end with annual plans, but it also extends to semi-annual or six monthly subscriptions as well.

Cashback Benefits for Six Monthly Subscribers of BSNL Postpaid Plans

Under the six monthly postpaid plans of BSNL, the total payable rent for the Rs 1,525 plan will be Rs 9,150 on which the subscribers will enjoy 12% cashback worth of Rs 1,098. Similarly, the Rs 1,125 plan will get the subscribers 12% cashback over six months totalling up to Rs 810. Quite similar to the above pricing structure for annual plans, the top three postpaid plans with fixed monthly charges of Rs 1,525, Rs 1,125 and Rs 799 will offer 12% cashback on six monthly subscriptions. Further on, Rs 725 and Rs 525 plans, BSNL will offer 8% cashback to the subscribers, whereas lastly, the Rs 399, Rs 325 and Rs 225 plans will offer 4% cash back to the BSNL postpaid subscribers.

Now the first thing to note about this offer is that it is currently limited to BSNL Kerala circle only. Secondly, BSNL has pointed out that to be eligible for the cashback, the subscribers will have to deposit the entire subscription period’s amount beforehand. Subscribers who buy these subscriptions in April or May of this year will enjoy a waiver on security deposit charges and activation charges as well, BSNL has noted.

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