BSNL Launches BAVA, an Automated Virtual Assistant for Solving Queries

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has just launched an online automated virtual assistant called ‘BAVA’ that will help the telco’s users in solving their queries. The virtual assistant is already live on the website on the telco, which can be accessed by both computer and smartphone users. It will help users with a multitude of telco’s services, including getting a ‘new connection’.

Further, you can also pay your bill through the BSNL’s virtual assistant. ‘BAVA’ is an acronym for ‘BSNL Automated Virtual Assistant.’ However, the automated assistant will require more work since its ‘microphone’ option for taking voice commands wasn’t working when we tried.

BSNL BAVA Works Well When Given Physical Commands

You can type ‘bill’ on the chat window of BAVA, and the virtual assistant from BSNL will ask you to enter your phone number in a particular format displayed on the screen. You can also type in the command ‘new phone number’ for which BAVA will provide you with appropriate links.

So when given physical commands, BSNL’s virtual assistant is quite good at understanding them and offers solutions quite fast. Overall, BAVA is as responsive as an average user would want it to be.

Further, users can also book themselves a new FTTH or fiber internet connection with the help of BNSL BAVA. One point that we would want BSNL to consider is that the chat window is not at all eye-catching. The UI of the chat window is very dull, and the text is very light in colour, which some users might find hard to read.

We expect BNSL to further enhance the BAVA and make it smarter to ensure that it can help customers in a jiffy. At present, the main menu of ‘BSNL BAVA’ comes with a total of four options for the customers.

The first option is ‘New Connection’, followed by ‘Happy to Help’, ‘Choose Your Plan’, and ‘Pay Your Bill’. With time, BSNL will further improve the functioning of its virtual assistant. It is a great initiative from the company to ease customer’s experience on its website. It will help users navigate through the telco’s services in a better way.

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