BSNL To Launch ‘BSNL BUZZ’ a livescreen based Local Content and Services Discovery feature

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BSNL will launch ‘BSNL BUZZ’ which will be implemented and managed by the Mobile marketing company called Celltick. It has expertise in creating services that are highly personalized according to the users taste and at the same time will also ensure monetization. They have been handling huge volume of services and their experience will be of great value to BSNL.


BSNL has commissioned Celltick to implement a service for BSNLs consumers which will be engaging and user-friendly. This application on the contrary will collect information based preferences of the users and will develop demographics based analytics.

Celltick have a patented livescreen technology which will provide high value mobile initiated content services which will be consisting of Discount Coupons, Local Content Discovery and advertising subsidized services.

This might seem just like an over the top feature but it has a huge potential and can reap good chunk of Revenue for the cash strapped BSNL. Consumers on the other hand will be benefitted with the slew of services which they will be getting for a lesser price. If implemented without any glitches than this can very well be called the first step towards Modernization by BSNL especially when it comes to smartphones.

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