BSNL to Offer 50% Discount on Broadband Restoration Plans from April 17

BSNL is aggressive in the broadband sector. The company recently announced a new BB249 plan that offers 300GB of data per month at 2 Mbps download speed. Now, the company has come up with yet another change, but this time, the changes have been made to the post FUP plans.


A couple of years ago, BSNL introduced the ‘Speed Restoration’ scheme, which means that a user can enjoy his standard plan download speed even after crossing the FUP by paying some amount for restoring the FUP. All these days, BSNL used to charge Rs. 100 for 2GB of data, Rs. 200 for 5GB of data, Rs. 300 for 10GB, and Rs. 500 for 20GB of data.

However, from April 17, 2017, BSNL will charge just half the amount for plans mentioned above but will give the same amount of data. BSNL will offer 2GB of data at just Rs. 50 and 5GB at just Rs. 100. A customer can get 20GB of data for just Rs. 250, which dubs to Rs. 12.5/GB and that’s way cheaper than other broadband service providers.

If a customer recharges with the base pack of Rs. 50; he will be credited with 2GB data in his account and the data will be valid until next billing cycle. The same case applies to other restoration plans as well.

Nevertheless, these plans will be effective from April 17, according to Keralatelecominfo. BSNL currently has the best broadband plans when compared to other Internet Service Providers.

BSNL BB249 is the most affordable broadband plan that offers 2 Mbps speed for 10GB data per day, and after that, the speed will be reduced to 1 Mbps. BSNL is also said to increase the base FUP to 4 Mbps for all of its plans, but there’s no official announcement related to the matter.

BSNL is currently the second largest broadband provider in India, next to Airtel and the company is looking to take the top spot by introducing new offers every now and then.

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April 14, 2017 1:54 pm 1:54 PM
Dear other operators except JIO Please dont crtisise jio for its services. Since years all of u having same towers same lines may be small joints and small lines laid . I m asking still why u charged 256 approx for 1gb 28 days that 1gb it wont with stand more than 5 days since before jio. Previously idea and airtel C/o address for balance deductions off course now due to data usage increase it might not doing so. No stable speed No proper signals U operators put hands on heart and think once. Becoz u wont agree my comment… Read more »
April 13, 2017 6:35 pm 6:35 PM

I have bsnl plan of 845 unlimited…..and even if bsnl gives it to me for free I don’t want it…..bsnl is the worst……it is good only upto the point it is working…..once it stops working only God can help u as it’s customer care and staff is incompetent and useless……

Saurav Mohan V
April 13, 2017 10:11 am 10:11 AM

What does the phrase other internet service provider mean!!!
I dont know any …
We are all forced to take bsnl because the others have no interest in places except for cities and bsnl providea very bad service any were any day!!