Broadband Routers Can Help You Set Up Private Cloud Space and More

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Broadband connections require internet routers to spread wireless connectivity all over the house or office. Routers have come a long way and can do things which most of us wouldn’t have imagined a few years ago. There are multiple types of routers available in the market, each serving a specific purpose. But most users don’t realise how to use their router to its full potential. There are quite a few amazing things which your broadband router can do that you might not know. Please keep reading to find out what they are.

Things Broadband Router Can Do Which You Might Not Know

Broadband routers can allow you to schedule access time for certain devices. This is a good feature for the parents who don’t want their kids to be using Wi-Fi late at night. Parents or other users can go to the router configuration page and choose the MAC addresses of the devices they don’t want accessing the internet during specific hours.

With your router's help, you can also create a local wireless network for sharing files within your home or office area. When your desktop is connected to your router's wireless network, all the other devices connected to the same wireless network can share files amongst each other.

Through the router configuration, parents or other users can also set up restrictions for certain devices to access specific websites. Users can select MAC addresses and set up website restrictions for them. Thus whenever these devices are connected to the router's network, they will be blocked from accessing the restricted websites.

You can also create guest networks with your router. Most of the routers today facilitate the user with the option for making a guest network. Because when guests use the same password and network through which your devices are connected, it makes your data and devices vulnerable.

Also, you can create a private cloud space for storing data with your router. This is possible with the routers which have a USB port. You can connect an external hard-drive to the router through the USB port. Then, all your devices connected wirelessly to the router’s network will be able to transfer files from your device to the hard-drive connected to the router.

Lastly, with the help of your router, you can also print wirelessly. If there is a USB port, connect the printer with the router. After this, all the devices connected to the router's network will be able to communicate with the printer.

Of course, not all routers can do this stuff. But all of the latest and modern routers should be capable of the above-mentioned features.

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