BlackBerry Launches Flaunt your BBM Campaign – FREE Merchandise For All

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BlackBerry Smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) today announced the launch of the exciting offers of FREE BBM Merchandise like T-shirts, Bracelets, Sling Bags, Key Chains and Stickers under its Flaunt your BBM” campaign for all BlackBerry Smartphone users in India.

Flaunt your BBM is an application which is now live on Facebook which allows the user to share their BBM pin in their own unique way. This program also enables a person to share his/her QR code with all their friends by displaying the QR code on cool merchandise.

This program makes it simpler for users to share their QR Code through Facebook (online) and through personalized merchandise (offline), which can simply be scanned and added on to their BBM contact list.

“Flaunt your BBM” is first-of-its-kind program where BlackBerry user’s personal BBM QR Code will be printed on the merchandise like T-shirts, Bracelets, Sling Bags, Key Chains and Stickers.

BBM Merchandise

How you can do it : All you need to do is visit Blackberry India Fan page on Facebook and share your details like Name, Mobile, Email, Address, BBM PIN through the specially developed Facebook application, which will convert the BBM PIN into a QR Code, which will be printed on the selected merchandise before shipping it to the user. Any BlackBerry consumer can participate in this program.

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