Airtel Smart Recharges Start at Rs 23 But Should You Get Them Instead of Unlimited Prepaid Plans

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Bharti Airtel is easily one of the best choices for prepaid consumers right now. The Sunil Bharti Mittal led telecom operator has curated its plans in such a manner that they have the edge over the competing plans from Reliance Jio. Although the plans are higher priced as compared to Reliance Jio, even then there is the benefit of unlimited calling on most prepaid plans from Airtel which make these plans a very attractive offering. Not only this but also the additional benefits which the Airtel plans come with are something that the subscribers will not find in any other prepaid plan. However, with all this being said, Bharti Airtel is also the telecom operator which requires its subscribers to have a minimum recharge in their account to keep their services active. For some of the subscribers who do not use their Bharti Airtel as their primary SIM, this means that they will still have to spend some amount on their Airtel recharges so that they can keep their incoming services active. There are the Airtel Smart Recharges for this purpose. While the subscribers had lot more choices before the recent changes, there are three smart recharges they can currently buy.


Bharti Airtel Smart Recharge of Rs 23

For the Bharti Airtel subscribers, if they want to keep their account active with the least possible spend on their part, then they would have to shell out at least Rs 23 per 28 days to keep their account running. This recharge would simply get the subscribers validity of 28 days and nothing else. There is no data benefit or talk time benefit in this plan. The plan will simply ensure that you keep getting incoming calls on the number that you have recharged.

Bharti Airtel Smart Recharge of Rs 49

Another Smart Recharge from Bharti Airtel is the Rs 49 smart recharge which offers a talk time of Rs 38.52, and in this plan, the subscribers also get bundled 100 MB data for 28 days validity. The validity of this plan is similar to the previous one, but this plan also bundles a little bit of freebies so that in case the subscribers want to make calls, or want to use data urgently, they would be able to do so.

Bharti Airtel Smart Recharge of Rs 79

A Smart Recharge that comes with 28 days of validity as well but offers more benefits is the Rs 79 smart recharge. This plan ships 200 MB data and alongside, this plan also offers Rs 64 talk time to the users. This smart recharge would be fit for people, who might make a little more calls as opposed to just using them sparingly.

Should You Go for Smart Recharges or Unlimited Plans

Now there is the big question between subscribers, whether or not they should simply keep using the smart recharges with the minimum possible spend or spend more on unlimited recharges to gain more daily data and other benefits. To answer there, a simple comparison between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel recharges would tell us the right answer depending on our needs. For example, if you want to make a lot of calls to other people and especially to other operators, then an Airtel Unlimited recharge would make a lot more sense since Airtel is the operator offering truly unlimited plan. Not only this, but the plan would also offer daily data as well.

In case you are juggling between two SIMs and not using your Airtel as your primary SIM card, then it is the right time to make the switch. On the other hand, if you only stick to using data and make calls very less, then probably the Reliance Jio recharges will keep you sorted since Jio is the operator which is currently offering cheapest data, although the calls come with a cap.

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