Bharti Airtel Connects T-Chuntiwari With Mobile Network Connectivity

Bharti Airtel installs a mobile tower in the remote village of Jammu and Kashmir. The initiative marks a crucial step towards bridging the communication gap and empowering the local community with seamless connectivity.


  • Bharti Airtel brings mobile network connectivity to T-Chuntiwari in Machil, Kupwara.
  • Enhanced communication facilities empower the village with connectivity to the outside world.
  • Three more Airtel towers nearing completion in the region.

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Bharti Airtel Connects T-Chuntiwari With Mobile Network Connectivity

Bharti Airtel connected the picturesque village of T-Chuntiwari, nestled in the remote Machil area of the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir, with Mobile Network connectivity. Airtel authorities installed a mobile tower in the village for the first time, marking a significant milestone in the region's connectivity.

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Airtel Tower Installation in Remote Village

"Airtel tower installed at T-Chuntiwari in Machil area for the first time; Locals thank District Administration," shared Deputy Commissioner Kupwara's account on social media.

The local inhabitants expressed their elation and extended their heartfelt gratitude to Deputy Commissioner Kupwara for facilitating the installation of the Airtel tower, which promises to bridge the communication gap in the remote village.

A New Era of Seamless Communication

In the present era, communication has become an essential tool, and the residents of T-Chuntiwari eagerly welcomed the mobile tower's arrival, considering it a lifeline connecting them to the outside world. They conveyed their appreciation to both the District Administration Kupwara and Airtel authorities for promptly providing this much-needed mobile tower facility, enabling them to communicate with their relatives and stay informed about developments beyond their village.

According to multiple media reports, the Cluster Manager of Airtel confirmed that the Airtel Tower at T-Chuntiwari has been successfully commissioned and is set to begin operations within the next few days.

Progress in Expanding Infrastructure

Furthermore, progress is underway in expanding the communication infrastructure in the region, with three additional Airtel towers at Thali, Dudi, and Chuntiwari-Bala nearing completion, with approximately 70 percent of the fibre work accomplished.

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TelecomTalk reported in June that Airtel joined forces with Taara, Google's Project X, to explore and implement Taara's links across Airtel's network in rural and urban areas. This collaboration aims to deliver fast and affordable internet to previously underserved regions.

By leveraging Taara's wireless optical communication links, Airtel seeks to bolster network resilience, extend fibre backhaul, provide a high-capacity backbone, and establish redundancy paths, all contributing to their mission of connecting the unconnected in India.

With the new Airtel tower now standing tall in T-Chuntiwari, the village looks forward to embracing seamless communication and increased accessibility.

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