Bharti Airtel Awards 3G Network Contracts To Ericsson, NSN and Huawei

India’s largest GSM Mobile service operator Bharti Airtel today announced that it has chosen Ericsson India, Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei Technologies as network partners to launch 3G Services in India.

These partners will plan, design, deploy and maintain a state of the art 3G HSPA Network in Bharti Airtel 3G license circles.

This deployment would enable Bharti Airtel extend its leadership position in the Indian market and meet the growing demand for high speed surfing & wireless entertainment in the country.

Further strengthening its relationship with Ericsson, Bharti Airtel has awarded majority of the 3G License Circles to Ericsson India. With this, Ericsson continues to be Bharti’s largest Network Partner across 2G and 3G circles in the country.

On the same lines, Bharti has also expanded its relationship with Nokia Siemens Networks, which would manage Bharti’s 3G Network in 3 circles across India. The company has also introduced Huawei Technologies as the 3rd partner for offering 3G services in a few circles.

Airtel’s 3G services, enabled by our partner’s expertise, will usher in a new era of unique life style products. The offerings will be specifically targeted towards mobile broadband, given the enhanced speed and user experience which the 3G technology enables.

The partners will play a catalyst role in enhancing the customer experience and the data usage habits in the country. In addition to being HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) ready from launch, the 3G network will support world class user data speeds and enhanced mobile broadband user experience. High Speed Packet Access plus enables high peak user throughputs which are multiple times higher than those supported in current 2G networks.

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Amarinder Singh
October 7, 2010 7:57 pm 7:57 PM

Airtel is costly brand.There are more than 100 reasons,why is it so.All credit goes to Ericsson who has marvellous technology,for the establishment of strongest network.Nobody wants to compare ericsson BTS and ZTE bts. Can anybody wants to compare Ericsson Mini Link with Chinese MUX.Is there any better solution than Ericsson Winfoil,Is there any comparison to Ericsson TN,Ericsson CN, Ericsson Switch,Ericsson Managed Services.AIRTEL is using Ericsson till date in every field. Ericsson has quality, so Airtel has.
All operators has turnover….but why airtel is ahead of all, while being costly.

September 21, 2010 4:40 pm 4:40 PM
@anandh Yup! Well said! @Amit.g You are wrong. Their equipments ARE of low quality and employ too many cost cutting measures compromising on quality where ever possible. All their network managing software are copied from NSN or Ericsson. Just as in your example, the quality of milk,sugar, handling of items and delivery makes the coffee in CCD costlier from NORMAL hotel. May the the coffee is NOT worth the money, but it is the price we have to pay for “quality”. @TRMERIN D’SOUZA Nope! TATA has high speed with GPRS because of relatively lower number of customers…. @Zeeshan Wrong again.… Read more »
kunal kumar kejriwal
September 21, 2010 3:38 pm 3:38 PM

No it wont be like that. Because they have to give services in other circles too. So they will make some plan to share the services between top 4 operators. Others will just see.