App Focus: Here are the best package tracking apps for Android

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If you’ve bought anything online, you must have definitely wanted to track every move of the package starting from the seller or the website right to your doorstep. With a tremendous increase of online shopping in India, the need for tracking packages and deliveries has come under the spotlight. More and more consumers are buying smartphones these days, and what could be a better way to track packages and deliveries than using an intelligent smartphone app?

Best Parcel Tracking Apps For Android

For me, online shopping and tracking those packages has become something of an addiction. Moreover, when brands send me devices for review, I use package tracking apps to track the delivery status. I have been using such apps for a couple of years now, and I have tried out a lot of apps and services for my package tracking needs on Android as well as iOS devices. Before telling you about the best package tracking apps for Android, let’s discuss what are the most important features for such an app.

What are the essential features to look out for in a package tracking app?

  1. Number of supported carriers – Always look out for an app that supports as many carriers in your region as possible. If you are from India, carrier support for Amazon, BlueDart, Delhivery, DHL, FedEx, Flipkart, GoJavas, India Post, and UPS are necessary.
  2. Automatic carrier detection – This feature simplifies the task of adding the tracking numbers and providing the name of the carrier. With this feature, as soon as you enter the package tracking number, the app automatically detects the carrier and starts tracking the package.
  3. Barcode Recognition – Whether you are sending the package to someone or if you are at the receiving end, there are times when you are provided with a receipt with a barcode on it. If an app has the barcode recognition feature, it can use the smartphone or tablet’s camera to scan the barcode and add all the details including the package tracking or airway bill (AWB) number.
  4. Push Notifications – It would be nice if an app could notify every move without your need to check the status of the package manually, right? With push notifications, an app could do that very easily. The app will notify you about the status at every important step such as when the package is dispatched, when the package reaches your city, and when the package is out for delivery to your address.
  5. Synchronisation – For someone like me who uses multiple devices at a time, it’s great if an app can provide synchronisation of package tracking entries. Basically, apps with these features let you login to a central account, either on the app’s website or through Google account, so that the app on all your devices show a similar information. You can pick up any of your device and see the latest information and status about the package.

1. Deliveries For Android – Rs. 366.89

Best Package Tracking Apps - Deliveries For Android

Right now, Deliveries is the best app for tracking parcels and packages, especially if you stay in India. It has all the features that are listed below. It can track almost all the popular courier services in India including Amazon,  BlueDart, Delhivery, DHL, ECom Express, FedEx, Flipkart (eKart), Gati, GoJavas, India Post, and UPS.

This app also allows synchronisation through your Google account or through an account. Moreover, you can join your Amazon and eBay accounts into the app, and then the app scans your purchase directly. It lets you add category tags to your parcels and couriers and can you even change the look of the app through inbuilt themes. Also, it has an amazing Material UI design.

Android app on Google Play

2. AfterShip For Android – Free

Best Package Tracking Apps - AfterShip For Android

The AfterShip app is available for both Android and iOS devices, but you can track your parcels, couriers, and packages through the company’s website as well. Its services are available for free, and it tracks packages from a lot of courier service providers. However, the app is quite basic. It lacks the synchronisation feature, so if you upgrade to a new devices or if you own a secondary device, you will have to manually enter all the AWBs once again.

A great thing about AfterShip is that it doesn’t show you any advertisements even thought it’s a completely free app. It shows the status history of the package in a timeline like interface and it has easy to understand icons. However, I’ve noticed that it sometimes doesn’t auto detect the carrier, but this seems to be some form of bug. Also, it lacks Amazon and eBay integration, which is available in Deliveries app.

Android app on Google Play

3. ParcelTrack For Android – Free To Download – Rs. 189 For In-App Purchase

Best Package Tracking Apps - ParcelTrack For Android

ParcelTrack is yet another package tracking app for Android, and it is available for free to download. There’s an in-app purchase of Rs. 189 if you want to use all the advanced features. There’s an iOS app available as well. Similar to Deliveries, ParcelTrack offers synchronisation feature, so you can see the same information on multiple devices you own.

It offers automatic carrier recognition, barcode scanner, delivery forecast, and a timeline interface. There’s also an option to see the location of the package on the map. Don’t get your hopes high though. The maps will only show the location of the device on a city level. However, the list of supported carriers isn’t as long as the one provided by AfterShip or Deliveries.

Android app on Google Play

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