Apps To Bypass 100 SMS Per Day Restriction

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Apps To Bypass 100 SMS Per Day RestrictionAttention all the Heavy usage/ SMS Lovers – as mentioned in our earlier post TRAI regulated all the Operators SMS service providers to limit 100 sms  per day to avoid spam.

We know it’s hard to hear but we have some tips and suggestions for you to handle this situation on alternate resources. So get going with reading to know more.

One suggestion is to limit your sms per day which TRAI has already done. The next one is to have the entire conversation lengthy to utilize the character limit of sms 160 per message so that you can have an effective use of sms and reduce the number of sms used.

If you are more social with your friends and need a heavy usage continue reading

What you need first? Prerequisites.

1. A smart phone or least a Java phone (Assuming all TT readers are at least having a Java compatible device).

2. A minimal Data plan required (It is obvious that all the users have an active data plan now-a-days) if not active on any data plan we suggest to get any cheapest/lowest data pack available with your operator because all this needs only Kbs* of data if you chat for about 30min (As far as we tested).If you are always active on a data plan it’s an added advantage.

Now it goes like this…

There are a few Apps that are available for free in Respective App stores namely:

  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Fring
  • Nimbuzz
  • Ebuddy Messenger
  • Skype

From all the available apps our favorite is WhatsApp Messenger which will be full filling the need and we will be talking about this now.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia. In addition to basic messaging iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. It’s awesome! Isn’t it?

Some of its awesome features include:

1) Multiplatform

2) Group Chat

3) Push Notifications

4) Instant Contacts

5) Free sms and MMS

6) Custom status

7) Chat Background

Now coming to the Application, just install it from your respective app store and register with your Original Mobile Number (Which all your friends know, this is something just like your contact No will show up if you sms to your contacts) as this app’s basic function or primary purpose is to use your mobile number as a custom profile recognition identity with your name included.

Ask your family and friends also to install the Application and register their phone number and that’s the start for an awesome experience.

This App will smoothly integrate into your phone book, automatically starts on load and will always be available in the background to get you any incoming messages from your friends.

The favorites (from pic) is nothing but it automatically recognizes all the contacts who have installed WhatsApp on their phone and sorts them to this list, also shows up their status(Available ,offline or their custom status).

Even if you are offline all your messages will be definitely delivered to you after you signed in. Just like messengers.

So if all the contact members in my phone book use WhatsApp they all will be coming under Favorites section so that we can chat each other using the data.

One thing we want to say “The most awesome feature of this App is its ability to integrate into phonebook, recognize all the WhatsApp registered users depending upon Phone Numbers and also gives a status message when the person is typing a message for you”.

You also get a Tick to your message when the message is delivered-Delivery Report feature you can also send an invitation to those who have not installed this App with the built in feature. This is an awesome experience packed which comes with just installing a small App and with little data usage we can send unlimited messages or even files.

Coming to the other Apps depending on your interest you can install them and suggest your friends also to install the same so that you can get connected each other using the App and these Apps uses the data as the WhatsApp Application so that you can message/call or share files each other.

The other Apps don’t depend on your Phone number but depend on your User ID or E-Mail registered. As it requires everybody to register a new E-mail or User ID that is why we are suggesting you WhatsApp application for this purpose.

All the other Apps function just like normal Online/Offline Messengers. The other Apps may or may not be available on all the platforms.

We promise once you are alright with the application and data pack from your side this Application “WhatsApp Messenger” will give an awesome messaging experience leaving you the disturbances caused in-between ongoing conversations by normal Sms balance Notifications.

If you are not satisfied with this App or solution provided our simple suggestion is to get a dual SIM mobile or some spare SIM cards so that you can extend your sms limit by using all the limitations on the remaining extra Numbers.

So get a WhatsApp and set no limits to your Rocket speed messaging.If you’re using any of the mentioned Apps happily just do post how much time you are using that App and what is the data usage?

If you have any alternate ways to tackle 100 SMS restriction do let us know via comments.

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