Apple’s Solution to Keep Data Safe From Hackers

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These days, hackers can always find ways to steal important data from your devices, such as banking information or photos on your device. Even with devices like iPhone, where the iOS operating system is built to keep things safe, private and safe from harm, data can still be stolen using clever tricks. However, Apple came up with a new solution with the iOS 16 update- LOCKDOWN MODE.

Lockdown Mode is a feature that turns off the most hackable features when something goes wrong. This feature is so effective that it is cited by cybersecurity experts as a great way to stay safe in such scenarios. It just initiates a lockdown mode to make it harder for online hackers to access your data.

Lock Mode on your iPhone is a one-touch tool that lets you lock your phone in case you feel your device is being surreptitiously monitored or hacked by someone. Useful when it's being used on a large scale to spy on people.

Lockdown Mode limits the harm or damage a hacker can do to your device by simply limiting its activity on the device. In short, cybercriminals get almost nothing related to playing. “It’s the sort of feature that is probably standard issue among intelligence agents, now rolled out to a far wider audience,” says Marijus Briedis, Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN.

However, lockdown mode has a major drawback that may cause many to reconsider this feature. Enabling lockdown mode is said to have a significant impact on device performance.

Message attachments and links are blocked and photo albums are unavailable on iPhones in lockdown mode. Anonymous FaceTime calls are also blocked. Disabling lockdown mode also requires a full system reset.


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