iPad Pros, New MacBook Air, Updated Mac Mini and Everything Else Apple Is Expected to Launch Tomorrow

Apple announced three new iPhones including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in its September keynote event. The Cupertino major will be hosting another hardware event on Tuesday, i.e on October 30 to launch new iPad Pros, MacBooks and more. Rumours suggest that Apple will launch the successor to the MacBook Air, but the highlight of the event apart from the pair of iPad Pros could be the Mini MacBook, which will basically target countries like India. Let’s take a quick look at everything we expect Apple to launch in tomorrow’s event.


New iPad Pros

The star of tomorrow’s Apple event will definitely be the new iPads. Apple is expected to launch a pair of new iPad Pros. Rumours about the new iPads have been making rounds on the web for quite some time now. It looks like the new iPad Pros will get a new design and not look anywhere close to the last generation iPads.

The new iPad Pros are rumoured to come with an edge-to-edge screen much similar to Apple’s newest iPhones. Rumours further suggest that Apple will ditch the home button or Touch ID sensor for the new iPad Pros and will instead come with swiping gesture for navigation. The new iPads will also come with a Face ID scanner.

Some reports also suggest that Apple will also be ditching its proprietary Lighting port for its iPad Pros and include a USB Type C port instead. The new iPads are also expected to powered by Apple’s recently released A12 Bionic chipset also found inside the newest iPhones including the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. Apple also said to be adding a custom Apple graphics chip to the iPads.

MacBook Air Successor

MacBook Air successor is expected to be launching at tomorrow’s event. The new MacBook Air will come with improved internals and also design and software. The new MacBook Air will reportedly come with the same 13-inch screen size as the current Air, but the screen resolution is where will be the difference. The screen of the MacBook Air will have a much higher resolution and slimmer bezels compared to the previous generation MacBook Air. The new MacBook Air will also come with bumped up hardware compared to the current version.

Mac Mini

More than the MacBook Air successor, Apple fans are waiting for the Mac Mini which is also expected to launch in tomorrow’s event. This will be the successor to the Mac Mini launched back in 2014. So, customers who have been awaiting an updated MacBook at a much lower price than Air will get a new option. Compared to the previous generation Mac Mini, the new one will come with much-improved hardware and updated specs and new features.

Other Expected Products

Some reports claim, in addition to the new iPad Pros and MacBooks, Apple will also launch the long time talked about AirPower charging pad, and updates for the AirPods. Some reports also reveal that Apple could possibly launch the rumoured over-ear wireless headphones in tomorrow’s event.

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