Apple iPhone 7: 1960mAh battery, EarPods with Lightning connector spotted

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As we edge closer to the iPhone 7's debut in early September, the stream of rumors continues to make more claims. Last week, we heard that the company is dropping the 16GB variant of iPhone 7 and that the base variant will start from 32GB. This week, it’s about the battery of iPhone 7, perhaps the most neglected aspect of iPhones. A Twitter user @OnLeaks has tweeted that the battery of iPhone 7 will be that of 1960mAh.


If you remember, iPhone 6S features 1,715mAh, signifying a slight improvement in the next launch. The Tweet specifically mentions that the source of the news who conveyed 1960mAh battery is “not” 100% reliable, but ‘almost’ reliable, clearly asking the readers to take the news with a pinch of the salt.

Another leak is about the headphone jack, which many rumors already said that iPhone 7 will not have one. Even a schematic representation showed the absence of headphone jack. However, headphones with a lightning port is a possibility.

Apple EarPods with a Lightning connector

According to GSMarena, Apple Earpods with a lightning connector was spotted and the website has published the photographs of the same. In the photographs, the connector at the bottom seemed to be larger than the connectors of Apple USB cables. Earlier, third party accessory makers for iPhones were reported to manufacture such Lightning-to-3.5mm adapters.

Either way, there is a new headphone coming up for Apple iPhone 7. Also, it's unlikely that Apple iPhone 7 will be any easier on the wallet than the past variants.

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