Alien Invasion Detected on BSNL.CO.IN

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It seems that BSNL Websites are no longer a safer place as today we found a very strange thing on BSNL's official website.

We are still not sure if it’s a HACK or a mistake from BSNL’s end though under the News Flash section a text quotes “I AM A GOOD BOY!! Details >> which redirects to [] Google Image search.Whereas beneath one can also see India is great !! and IBD we are still unable to figure it out what IBD stands for .

Though hacking of a websites is not a new phenomenon, what makes this noteworthy is the fact that this particular website is owned by a government firm.If anyone from BSNL is reading this, make sure you take necessary steps before the matter goes out of hand.

Note:- Time : 00:52

BSNL guys cover the whole thing very fast as home page is cleared but in archive [] it appears as it was. So BSNL guys if you are reading this please do correct the archive section to .

Note:- Time : 12:15

Looks like things are not going well in , again the news section in homepage is greeted with  “ hey… I m ankit “

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