Akamai: India Ranks 118th, Slowest Internet Connectivity in Asia Pacific

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In spite of having huge internet user base India continues to be a country where internet speed is one of the slowest across the globe. In a recent report by Akamai India charts to be the slowest country in Asia Pacific. This update is definitely a shocker to new government who wants to change digital lives of millions of Indians.

Source: Akamai

The Akamai report reveals the average internet connection speed in India is 1.7Mbps. However, the country saw 8.4% percent quarter on quarter change and 34% year on year. South Korea is  the only country with an average connection speed above 20 Mbps, while Japan and Hong Kong were the only two with average connection speeds above 10 Mbps the report finds that the global average connection speed is now at 3.9Mbps, and should pass 4Mbps in this quarter.

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