Airtel Uganda Announces the Launch of eSIM

Airtel Uganda has launched its eSIM (embedded SIM) service, offering customers a digital alternative to traditional SIM cards. The eSIM provides the same functionality with added benefits such as easy setup, sustainability, and the ability to have multiple numbers on one device.


  • Airtel Uganda launches eSIM service.
  • The eSIM provides the same functionality with added benefits such as easy setup, sustainability.
  • The eSIM offers several benefits over traditional SIM cards.

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Airtel Uganda Announces the Launch of eSIM

Airtel Uganda announced the launch of its eSIM (embedded SIM) service, revolutionizing the way customers access mobile connectivity. The eSIM offers a digital alternative to traditional SIM cards, providing users with the same functionality and a host of additional benefits and convenience, according to Airtel Uganda's LinkedIn update.

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Airtel Uganda Introduces eSIM Service

With the eSIM, Airtel Uganda customers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free setup process, as it can be activated online quickly and easily. This eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and contributes to a more sustainable future by being plastic-free and emitting zero carbon emissions, according to Airtel Uganda.

Convenient Setup Process

One of the key advantages of eSIM is its ability to enable users to have multiple numbers without requiring multiple phones or handsets. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who need an extra line for personal or business purposes. Moreover, customers no longer have to worry about the risk of damaging or losing their SIM card, as the eSIM is securely embedded within the device.

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For frequent travellers, the eSIM offers exceptional convenience. Switching network operators becomes effortless and more cost-effective, allowing users to stay connected wherever they go without the hassle of physically changing SIM cards.

How to activate an eSIM?

To activate the eSIM service, Airtel customers need to ensure they have a compatible device and obtain a QR EID code by dialling *#06#. Airtel service personnel will guide customers through the simple SIM swap process, ensuring a smooth transition to the eSIM.

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To acquire an eSIM, customers can visit any Airtel shop, where the Airtel team will assist them in setting up their eSIM using the provided QR code. Airtel Uganda says it remains committed to delivering exciting and affordable services, ensuring a seamless mobile experience for all its customers.

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