Airtel To Bring Video as-a-service For Enterprises

By January 19th, 2012 AT 2:24 PM

Airtel To Bring Video as-a-service For EnterprisesPolycom is working closely with Airtel to deliver video collaboration solutions to enterprises.

A Cloud based delivery of Video-as-a-Service provides a hybrid solution of both premises based video collaboration solutions and video on demand, or a pure Video-as-a-Service solution.

Video collaboration brings people face-to-face to increase productivity and, in addition, provides a great solution for business continuity as there are many obstacles that prevent people from physically being together weather conditions, natural disasters, epidemics, and a range of unpredictable conditions and events that simply prevent people from meeting in-person.

Several carriers around the world are currently using the RealPresence Platform as the enabler for VaaS solutions. For example, China Unicom has created one of the largest video clouds in the world, powered by the RealPresence Platform, which enables the delivery of VaaS to more than 10,000 business and government organisations throughout China. Polycom is also working closely with Airtel to bring the same.

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