All You Need to Know About Bharti Airtel Rs. 499 Dongle Plan Which Offers 35GB Data Per Month

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Airtel recently announced that its broadband users would get up to 1000GB of free data based on the plan they are using. Airtel is silently offering an excellent plan of Rs. 499 for the Airtel Dongle users. Last month, we exclusively reported that Airtel would provide extra data with all its three data card plans of Rs. 499, Rs. 699 and Rs. 899.


The plans are live from the past few days, but Airtel is now promoting them as 'Dhamaka' offers. Here's what the Airtel Rs. 499 plan offers right now.

35GB of Free Data Per Month

As we reported earlier, Airtel, under the Dhamaka offer is offering 35GB data per month with the recharge of Rs. 499. Previously, the same plan used to offer just 5GB data per month, but now modified to offer 35GB.

So, here’s how it works. The Rs. 499 will provide 5GB data up front. However, it will offer 1GB daily data, making it 35GB data per month.

Offer Applicable for Both New and Old Users

The new Rs. 499 Dhamaka offer shall apply for both Airtel Dongle new and existing customers. However, new users will get the upfront data of 7GB, instead of 5GB, which makes 37GB per month. Nevertheless, existing Airtel Dongle customers will get 5GB data upfront and 1GB data per day for 30 days.

[youtube]3) What Happens Post the 1GB Per Day Data?
After the exhaustion of 1GB daily data, users will be moved to the 5GB base pack usage under the Rs. 499 plan. After the consumption of complete 5GB data, the speed will be capped to 80 Kbps. Also, the base plan quota gets renewed every billing cycle after the recharge.

Offer Validity?

This offer of daily data benefit continues up to March 31, 2018, and after March 31, the Rs. 499 will offer just 5GB data.

Besides the Rs. 499 Dhamaka plan, Airtel is also offering extra data with other dongle plans of Rs. 699 and Rs. 899. Under the Rs. 699 plan, Airtel is offering 2GB data per day and 8GB base plan data, making it a total of 68GB for existing customer and 70GB for a new user.

Lastly, the Rs. 899 plan gives 12GB base data and 3GB data per day for 30 days, making it a total of 102GB for existing users and 104GB data for new customers.

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