Airtel Reduces Roaming Rates – Postpaid Plan in Details

Airtel Reduces Roaming Rates - Postpaid Plan in DetailsAirtel has launched two new very unique and consumer friendly postpaid plans, keeping in mind the fact that over 110 million people across India use Airtel, making it the largest network in the country. These new plans will offer customers the ability to make Roaming calls at the following rates

Airtel to all Airtel ( Local+STD) @ 60 paise /min  and Airtel to all Others (Local+STD) @ 80  paise/min. The Incoming calls while National Roaming  would be charged @ 60 paise/min.

Following the announcemst of “Airtel Reduces Roaming Rates By Nearly 60% ” here is a 1st hand look at the two new Postpaid plans, specially tailored to give upto 60% savings on National Roaming call charges.

Particulars Unit Airtel Turbo 249 Plan Airtel Turbo 299 Plan
Rental Rs. 249 299
Pulse 1 min 1 sec
Free min 149 local 10500 sec local
Free sms 200 local 200 local
Free sms 200 local 200 local
A-A Rs. 0.50 0.01
A-Others Rs. 0.60 0.012
A-A Rs. 0.50 0.01
A-Others Rs. 0.60 0.012
Local Rs. 0.50 0.50
National Rs. 0.60 0.60
International Rs. 5 5
Local/STD – A-A Rs. 0.60 0.60
Local/STD – A-O Rs. 0.80 0.80
Incoming Rs. 0.60 0.60
ISD Rs. Standard Standard

To know more, send the following SMS to 121 (toll free):

Airtel Turbo 249 Plan Airtel Turbo 299 Plan
Info ROAM249 ROAM299
Activation TURBO 249 TURBO 299

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yasir ali
September 5, 2016 7:27 pm 7:27 PM

nutonomy cars offrer offer officer

September 5, 2016 7:46 pm 7:46 PM

bump after 7 years ! WHY ? 😀

Sunny | Lucknow
September 5, 2016 8:06 pm 8:06 PM

LOL, looks like the wandering soul of a guy who got lost somewhere and died. Using some other worldly language too. Maybe his car broke down and a police officer passed by but didn’t help. Tragic. 🙁

November 28, 2009 6:45 pm 6:45 PM
airtel and vodafone are chors. they loot customers with many fine prints – first call full rates, several confusing bonus packs and validity packs etc. chor salay. if they are confident about their quality, network and customer service, why don’t they directly charge a premium from customers, instead of charging extra and cheating under disguise. have you seen any premium brand in the world in any industry or category behave and charge like how airtel and vodafone do? shit on airtel and vodafone! today’s news report also talks about delay in MNP. it is but obvious that who may behind… Read more »
November 26, 2009 11:30 am 11:30 AM
AnujB :good one airtel…will be a good option for the frequent roamers..who also like network continuity (and not the crappy service of RGSM!!) am sure vodafone will follow suite sooner than later!!..waiting for idea to come out with a bomb of its own though!! Its a rubbish plan comparing to “Simply Reliance”. itne din baad airtel ne ek plan banaya jiski call rate sabhise jayada hai… sabko ullu banane bala airtel MNP ke baad samjhega sirf network network karke chhilanese kuch nehi hone bala. RGSM is getting stronger day by day and now docomo is doing good. kaun bola RGSM… Read more »