Airtel Converts All Unlimited Combo Plans to Open Market Plans Rolls Out ‘Airtel Prepaid Promise’ Scheme

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Airtel has come up with a new scheme for its prepaid customers in India. Airtel rolled out 'Airtel Prepaid Promise' for its subscribers, promising affordable tariff plans in-line with other telecom operators in the country. Under this scheme, Airtel made all its user-specific unlimited combo plans as open market plans, meaning every Airtel prepaid customer in a specific region can recharge with the plans.


As per Airtel's official website, the company has listed five top-selling plans as unlimited open market combo plans and asking users to choose from the five plans. The open market plans are Rs 199, Rs 349, Rs 448, Rs 549, and Rs 799. These are the plans Airtel is asking its users to choose from. Apart from these plans, there are other plans as well such as the Rs 999, Rs 3,999, etc., but Airtel calls the five plans as 'Best Selling Prepaid Packs.'

Finally, Airtel has converted the user-specific plans to open market plans, allowing its users to choose the best of Airtel. That said, those five plans are already existing plans for specific Airtel customers. Do make a note that the prices of these plans differ with circle to circle. For example, the Rs 199 plan is available for just Rs 179 in some circles.

The Rs 199 tariff plan offers 1GB data, and unlimited voice calls for 28 days. The Rs 349 plan gives 1.5GB data per day, and unlimited voice calls for 28 days, the Rs 448 plan offers 1GB data per day & unlimited voice calls for 70 days. Lastly, the Rs 549 and Rs 799 tariff plans offer 2.5GB and 3.5GB data per day for 28 days. Besides the Rs 199 tariff plan, the remaining four plans offer unlimited outgoing roaming voice calls too.

That said, the voice calls are still capped at 300 minutes per day and 1200 minutes per week for the validity period. It' still unclear whether Airtel also converted the recently introduced plans such as Rs 3,999, Rs 1,999, and Rs 999 as the open market plans. I checked these plans availability with almost ten numbers in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana circle, and they are valid for all the numbers. So, maybe Airtel made all its unlimited combo plans as open market plans.

Airtel prepaid consumers have been asking for open market plans. Well, here's the change we've been waiting for. Are you satisfied with this change from Airtel? Let us know by commenting below.

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