Airtel Prepaid Customers on Rs 129 and Above Plans Will Be Eligible for Free Hello Tunes

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A few days back, Airtel followed on the footsteps of Reliance Jio and introduced free hello tunes for its subscribers. The Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator has been providing free caller tunes to its subscribers from a long time. However, the Sunil Bharti Mittal led telecom operator has now also introduced the same thing for its subscribers. The new hello tunes are available to Airtel subscribers on the Wynk Music app, and they will be able to choose from a vast library of hello tunes available, as is the case of Jio users who can select from hello tunes from JioMusic app.

Wynk Music Has Over 40 Million Songs

To be eligible for free hello tunes, the subscribers will have to be on Rs 129 and above prepaid or postpaid plans

Airtel has notified its users that the Wynk Music app offers 40 million songs and customers can change their ‘Hello Tunes’ as many times as they want. Airtel has also announced that it is extending the benefit of hello tunes as part of Airtel Thanks as well. Currently, Airtel is providing many other benefits under its Airtel Thanks customer programme like Amazon Prime membership and other benefits. Owing to this new offering from Bharti Airtel, both postpaid and prepaid subscribers will be able to set new hello tunes for their numbers from the vast library of songs which Wynk Music offers.

Previously, Airtel used to charge its subscribers Rs 36 per month for hello tunes, and it was available for a subscription amount. However, thanks to this new offer the hello tunes will be available to Airtel subscribers without any cost. Subscribers who opt for prepaid bundles of Rs 129 and above, and also postpaid plans above the Rs 129 price mark. This exclusive benefit will be available to all mobile customers on prepaid bundles or postpaid plans of Rs 129 and above.

How to Select Hello Tunes from Wynk Music App

In order to get the free hello tunes for their numbers, the subscribers will have to update their Wynk Music app. Customers will be able to set and change their ‘Hello Tunes’ as many times as they want. One only needs to renew the FREE ‘Hello Tunes’ subscription through Wynk Music every 30 days. Wynk Music’s extensive library offers popular music in 12 genres and 15 languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and more.

Sameer Batra, CEO – Content & Apps, Bharti Airtel, said, “We are happy to offer Wynk Music’s full catalogue as ringback tone on a subscription-free basis as part of #AirtelThanks. Wynk Music’s focus has been on leveraging technology and deep data science to deliver a personalized and intuitive user experience. ‘Hello Tunes’ is a product that Airtel mobile customers use to express themselves. Airtel mobile customers can now enjoy their favourite songs on Wynk Music and also at the click of a button set them as their Hello Tune. This is yet other delightful benefit from Airtel to thank its customers.”

After downloading the latest version of the Wynk Music app, the subscribers will have to tap the ‘Hello Tunes’ icon on the top right-hand corner of the app, after selecting their favourite song, they will be able to set it as their Hello Tune. Alternatively, users can play their favourite song and click on the Hello Tunes icon in the music player to set the song as their Hello Tune.

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