Airtel Postpaid Plans Base Price Might Go Beyond Rs 400, What Should Subscribers Expect

Bharti Airtel's postpaid plans are some of the most attractive ones out there owing to their additional benefit and pricing

  • The Airtel postpaid plans come with Airtel Thanks benefits
  • These postpaid plans offer Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription
  • They also offer add-on connections as well

Bharti Airtel is known as the telecom operator, which offers the most attractive postpaid plans in the industry. To recall, earlier this year, Bharti Airtel had increased the base limit of its postpaid plans. While these plans used to start at a much lower rate previously, now they come with the base price of Rs 499 for most subscribers. Although the Rs 399 postpaid plan also exists in the portfolio of Bharti Airtel postpaid, but it is available only in select circles. As opposed to this, is the Rs 499 postpaid plan, which is one of the major offerings from Bharti Airtel. However, in the coming days, the tariffs are going to increase for the Bharti Airtel subscribers. This means that even the monthly rental of these postpaid plans will also go up. Now, being one of the most like postpaid offerings in the market, the tariff hike move is going to affect a lot of users.


How Much Will the Tariff Increase?

Firstly, it would be crucial to note, exactly by how much the tariffs might go up. Now for that, we will have to look at Reliance Jio, which has already upped its tariffs by almost 15%, thus giving the room of 30% to Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea to hike the tariffs. This means that the tariffs for both postpaid and prepaid plan will go up in the coming months. The starting postpaid plans for Bharti Airtel is the Rs 499 one.

Bharti Airtel Postpaid Plans Starting at Rs 499

The Rs 499 postpaid plan from Bharti Airtel offers 75GB data per month to the subscribers, and besides this, the subscribers get to enjoy unlimited calling benefit as well. In addition to this, the customers of this prepaid plan get Airtel Thanks benefit which includes Netflix subscription for three months and Amazon Prime subscription for a year along with Airtel Xstream and ZEE5 subscription. In the coming days, the tariff of this prepaid plan is likely to be increased by Rs 150, or the benefits might come down by an equal amount.

Above this, the subscribers have the option of Rs 749 postpaid plan which offers two connections to the postpaid subscribers, and the data limit in this plan is 125GB. Along with this, subscribers get other benefits as well, which include unlimited calling and Airtel Thanks, which are similar to the previous plans. In the coming days, the price of this prepaid plan might be bumped up to Rs 900 or close to that. This plan offers a total of two or one add-on connection to the subscribers.

Bharti Airtel Postpaid Plans Above Rs 999

There is also the Rs 999 postpaid plan from Bharti Airtel which offers four connections to the subscribers, with a monthly data limit of 150GB. In this plan too, the subscribers get the unlimited data connection and other Airtel Thanks benefits. Lastly, there is the Rs 1,599 postpaid plan from Airtel, and this one offers 500GB data per month to the subscribers with free 200 ISD minutes, 10% discount on international roaming packs, unlimited calling and other Airtel Thanks benefits. The prices of these plans might increase by a little short of 30% since Bharti Airtel might have already priced these plans with some margin and hence, increasing their prices would mean pushing them beyond customers’ affordability, which the telecom operator is likely to avoid.

Hence, it can be said that the tariff hike is mostly to affect the base prices of the prepaid and postpaid plan and in the case of Airtel postpaid, these plans would be the Rs 399 and Rs 499 postpaid plan.

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Aakash Ahuja

Soon people will disconnect their secondary sim and will only use only 1 primary number of their choice network.


Airtel postpaid plans are already priced high and very profitable. Against the lowest postpaid plan of 499, the company ARPU is only 128. So the problem is with non profitable ultra cheap prepaid plans. Total number of prepaid customers is also as high as 85-90%. So Airtel should focus on getting the prepaid average to 150 per month.


Idea has started giving unlimited calls at 149/151 in circles with 2GB-5GB data for 28 days. Airtel will follow the same. 199 1GB/Day for 28 days will follow after that. 2GB/Day at 299 and at 399 3GB/Day and so on. These are sustainable rates for two years foe Avoid. Otherwise it’s highly unprofitable for Airtel/Vodafone-Idea.

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