Airtel Payments Bank Enables Fastag-Based Parking at Patna Airport

Airtel Payments Bank enhances parking experience with Fastag-based payments at Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna, enhancing customer convenience and curbing congestion.


  • Airtel Payments Bank emphasises improved customer travel experiences through Fastag-enabled parking.
  • Fastag enables automatic payment deduction from the vehicle's tag, enhancing efficiency at airport exits.
  • The initiative aligns with Airtel Payments Bank's goal to expand Fastag parking solutions across the nation.

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Airtel Payments Bank Launches Fastag-Based Parking at Patna Airport
Airtel Payments Bank has introduced a hassle-free parking solution by enabling Fastag-based payments at Jayaprakash Narayan International Airport, Patna. Airtel Payments Bank says travellers can now effortlessly make parking payments using the Fastag affixed to their vehicles.

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Elevated Convenience for Travelers

Adding an additional layer of convenience for customers, Airtel Payments Bank, one of the leading Fastag issuers in India, has launched Fastag-based parking payments at Patna's airport. This development enables automatic cashless payments upon exit, streamlining vehicle movement and parking transactions within the airport premises.

Effortless Cashless Parking

According to Airtel Payments Bank, Fastag-based parking ensures swift and automatic cashless payments, making the exit process seamless for travelers. The parking fee is deducted directly from the vehicle's valid Fastag, adding to a smoother travel experience. This initiative also aids in mitigating growing congestion issues at the airport.

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Nationwide Expansion of Fastag Parking

Airtel Payments Bank said it is collaborating with multiple partners to extend Fastag-based parking solutions throughout the country. The facility is already live at airports in Varanasi, Bhubaneswar, and Aurangabad as reported by TelecomTalk.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Airtel Payments Bank stated: "Customer convenience is of utmost importance to us. By enabling the Fastag-based parking payments, we aim to alleviate the time-consuming challenges faced in busy airport parking lots, ultimately enhancing the overall travel experience for our customers."

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Airtel Payments Bank Fastag Segment

Ranked among the top five Fastag issuers in the nation, Airtel Payments Bank said its digital-first approach has solidified its position as a leading player in the Fastag segment. Customers can conveniently purchase a Fastag through a few clicks on the banking section of the Airtel Thanks App.

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