Airtel hints a tariff hike, CEO says ‘huge headroom to reduce discounts’

Bharti Airtel hinted a hike in tariff of the voice calls, saying that there was a big opportunity in reducing discounts and freebies on voice calls.


“Voice realization is 30-33 paise per minute whereas our rack rates are almost about 90 paise, so there is huge headroom to reduce discounts,” Bharti Airtel (India & South Asia) MD & CEO Gopal Vittal said. Airtel already increased its data prices in last few months.

“We have made some changes in the last few months, let’s see there is an opportunity to cut discounts on voice calls,” Vittal said. He added that the company is not concerned about the data prices as it is an arena, which is massively growing. According to him, the actual challenge is voice realization, which needs to be increased reports Hindustan Times.

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After the auction held in March, COAI conveyed the need to rise the tariffs as the telecom service providers have to meet the commitments to the government. Operators like Idea Cellular, Vodafone, and MTS too have surged their data charges for 2G and 3G.

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August 14, 2015 5:55 pm 5:55 PM

After March 2015 spectrum Auction , Airrel , Voda, Idea are in cash Crunch . Play hard by Jio with them to finish their cash as much as possible . Will see who will be there . Rest in Peace

Rahul R Patil
August 9, 2015 10:03 am 10:03 AM

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August 8, 2015 3:11 pm 3:11 PM
@Duane Firstly, regarding your post about myplan, its a flop! It offers far less matter than a typical postpaid plan. Better conduct a survey on this! Secondly, its such a shame that you, being so senior indulge in such tease and insult practices here. If someone comments here, its a responsibility of yours to reply responsibly to him. If you want to promote your favourite operator then you are free to do so in your individual comments but not in reply where you mostly tease and insult people. Every post is now being flooded with fights and quarrels and you… Read more »
August 9, 2015 10:39 am 10:39 AM

++Infinity.TT has now become a fight club.Sudhakar was still better.Duane always insults everyone by replying to others’ comments.Thats why I call him a bot.Only a person with bot kind of mentality can do that.

Sahil Shah
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Hey no Sahil, like i said earlier thats due to the cache and we are working on the backend system things should be fine and working by Monday onwards . The dev team is working on it