Airtel Introduce Easy Conference Audio Conference service

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Airtel has introduced Easy Conference, an audio conferencing service for its subscribers. The service offers audio conference at the rate of a single local call.


How Airtel Easy conference works:

Unlike traditional audio conference, in Easy conference you don't have to call each member to join the conference and pay the cost for calls in the conference. Easy conference is initiated by calling your own number and generating a secure pin which can be shared with your members to join the conference. Each member will pay their own calling charges to your number and you will incur only local charges for calling your own number.

4 steps to setup Easy conference on your Airtel number:

1. Dial your own number.

2. IVR will generate a conference pin share with you. An SMS will be also sent to your number with the pin.

3. Share the pin with anyone you wish to join the conference

4.  When they call on your number IVR will prompt for the PIN. Once the pin is entered they will join the conference call.


Airtel Easy Conference is an innovative service offered by Airtel. Most people stay away from Audio conference due to the high cost of paying for each call in the conference. Easy conference not only save you money, but also easy to setup and is secured using pin. We hope to see more operators coming out with similar service.

Do express your views by comments below on this innovative service by Airtel?

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